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Jonckers has been providing quality translation and localization for over 25 years. Our understanding of the language market allows us to give you the best service available. We strengthen our relationships with our customers with every job completed. Our customers include our first ever client – with us since 1994.

Jonckers is also the developer of WordsOnline, a cloud-based AI platform. WordsOnline helps your business go global, more quickly and easily with intelligent, fast and cost-effective translations.

Our Services

We are here to help you grow your business by delivering your message in a clear and compelling manner. We understand what you do, your needs and your struggles and we provide solutions tailored to your business. Personlized solutions are what we do best and it is how we build strong and long-term partnerships with our clients.






Our Industries

We have been helping companies in all industries to successfully and efficiently tackle their language and communication challenges since 1994. We craft the most appropriate localization approach for each type of content in any vertical using a balanced mix of people, tools and processes. Our clients count on us for their translation that helps them to reach new markets and audiences.

These clients range from life sciences and information technology to finance, legal and engineering and include everything in between.











Translate the intelligent way

Dedicated Quality Assurance

 Your personalized dashboard gives you totally transparent quality control . WordsOnline provides you with performance-related data so you can keep a close eye on your projects.

Enjoy peace of mind as you watch your projects progress. Our team has it all under control. We use our technology and algorithms to track the performance of all segments and auto-select high risk content for immediate review.

Visit our Quality page for more information.


We have a unique procedure for developing the linguistic community who will craft your content. 

Our linguists undergo a three-step training and certification process, which caters to your industry and content. 

Our quality teams use integrated insight technology to monitor all aspects of quality control to train our linguists and ensure reliable and consistent performance.

Innovation Through Technology

WordsOnline is an exclusive, cloud-based Translation Management System (TMS) developed here at Jonckers.

WordsOnline uses neural translation networks to translate documents. our global network of certified linguists then review every word. This ‘human in the loop’ ensures the quality, but with much less time and effort than the traditional translations. All edits are intelligently monitored and fed back into our learning platform, which continually improves quality with each translation.

We have over 25 years experience in providing language services to global brands such as:

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We are delighted to comply with ISO certification standards to ensure all our processes are optimized for quality, and ultimately customer satisfaction. 

ISO18587 is called the “Post-Editing of Machine Translation Output”. This is now highly relevant for our business and shows the mainstream adoption of this type of work by global translation agencies.  

We have successfully passed our ISO17100 and ISO18587 audit and have renewed our certification until 2022. 

For more information – click on the button “View Certificate” or visit our Quality Page

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ISO 17100 is an international certification for translation agencies. What this means for you:

  • All translators, reviewers and project managers involved in your projects have the necessary professional competences for the delivery of a quality translation service.
  • Our team’s competences are maintained and updated regularly via continuous practice and training.
  • We use state-of-the-art technology in our project work.
  • We have documented processes in place for all projects.

We have successfully passed our ISO17100 and ISO18587 audit and have renewed our certification until 2022. View our quality page for more information.

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