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Multilingual support powered by people with intelligent processes was the key to success in a world led by automation and ubiquity. Companies needed to offer fast and effective customer assistance, or they risked losing potential clients.

Chatbots were becoming a priority for many businesses across all industries.  While many companies were satisfied with a chatbot that used word-classification to retrieve the relevant information from pre-generated responses stored in their database, others went one step further and allowed their customers to chat with a human virtual assistant. Jonckers provided a solution to break down language barriers in real-time so companies could provide human online assistance fast, and in more languages cost-effectively.

The Challenge​

Jonckers translated queries submitted through an online portal for one of our main customers. This multinational firm allowed its customers to ask questions and receive answers in their own language. However, the person responsible for answering the query was often restricted by their own language capabilities.

Jonckers’ role was to allow the original poster (OP) to receive a response in their source language. When communicating with a portal, users expected fast and accurate responses – our challenge was then to provide fast and professional translation services, at any time. Our turnaround times had to be almost instantaneous at any time of day, so that the human virtual assistant was able to offer real-time support to users. These translations also had to maintain the terminology used by the OP in their question. This meant our linguists had to adapt the final answer to fit the OP’s original terminology when translating from English into the source language.

Key Points

  1. Real-time human assistance: Jonckers’ solution enabled real-time human assistance to users, breaking down language barriers and improving customer retention.
  2. Fast and professional translations: Jonckers’ workflow ensured fast and professional translations, with the majority of translations completed in under 30 minutes and a record of just 3 minutes.
  3. Use of intelligent processes: Jonckers used WordsOnline, a cloud-based translation platform, which applies machine translation and connects to expert linguists for post-editing to ensure 24/7 coverage.
  4. Cost-effective solution: Jonckers’ innovative approach optimized the process for speed, readiness, and cost-effectiveness, enabling the customer to respond to customers 24/7 without hiring a full-time multilingual team.

The Solution

Jonckers designed a workflow using WordsOnline to launch a translation request for a customer query any time of the day. WordsOnline applies machine translation and then connects to their pool of expert linguists who post-edit the answers, ensuring 24/7 coverage with the use of linguists in different locations.

Linguists have access to the original question from the OP to maintain the same terminology in their post-edited answer. The final file is downloaded and sent back to the user through their portal. This workflow reduces project management costs and times for Jonckers’ client.

The Result

Jonckers developed an automated workflow using WordsOnline to handle customer queries for a multinational customer. The majority of human reviewed translations are completed in under 30 minutes, with a record of just 3 minutes.

The process allows for real-time human assistance in any language, improving customer retention. The customer appreciated the innovative approach, which optimized the process for speed, readiness, and cost-effectiveness, enabling them to respond to customers 24/7 without hiring a full-time multilingual team.

“We all want to serve a global audience, in their native language, but without the expense and energy of maintaining a multilingual in-house team. Outsourcing customer support translation to WordsOnline delivers an enhanced customer experience, and allows more companies to go global without the hassle and overhead of an in-house multilingual team.”

– Nicola Meinders, VP Marketing at Jonckers

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