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Marketing Case Study

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Are you trying to localize global marketing campaigns but struggling to do so in a timely and efficient manner? If so, then you’re not alone! Many marketers find themselves in a similar situation, but one agency has cracked the code on how to successfully launch highly-anticipated products across multiple channels and multiple languages each season without breaking the bank.

In this case study, we’ll take a look at how this agency consistently nails global marketing campaigns every season. Watch to learn their secrets and tips for success.

The Challenge

The client was a multinational corporation in the consumer goods industry that needed to coordinate the launch of their highly anticipated product across multiple channels and multiple languages. With locations and users spanning multiple countries, they needed a way to ensure that all of their launches were successful and that their users had the same great experience no matter where they were located.

The content we localize for this marketing agency is highly visible.
When localizing packaging, posters, in-store banners, gift cards, and other
physically-printed texts, one error on our side can cause considerable losses in time and money if that file needs to be printed again. Fixing one small
localization mistake can lead to a huge effort to re-work the text if these errors are found on millions of copies of large-sized prints. No matter how unexpected the project is, the surprise and urgency cannot affect the quality of our deliveries. Moreover, the content we localize is strictly confidential and sensitive.


Key Points

  1. Highly visible marketing content and a vast range of source texts
    Print, posters, banners, gift cards as well as all digital content. 
  2. Highly confidential: With a such eagerly awaited product release with a strong and loyal global fan base, any risk of leaking new release information must be contained.
  3. Multiple workflows and processes: to ensure all client needs are met as securely and efficiently as possible.

The Solution

We localize websites, extensive marketing kits with hundreds of files, video trailers – and many other materials – prior to the release date of that product. These products are often in high demand and eagerly anticipated by millions of loyal fans. The devotion and anticipation surrounding these products mean that the content is highly sensitive to work with. Users may be willing to hack systems for data leaks that can later be sold for large sums of money. Jonckers needs to ensure the privacy of this data and to go the extra mile to protect this client’s privacy, until the official product release date.

The Result

“ As a marketing agency, you plan the launch of the product,
develop a marketing strategy, and establish a message.
When reaching out to more international markets, that brand must be represented consistently across all channels while being culturally adapted for each market. The heart and soul of your marketing campaigns need to cross the language barriers and reach new clients while creating the same user experience as the brand in the original language. That’s where Jonckers takes action. Jonckers supports marketing agencies in their quest to communicate their customer’s brands consistently to new target audiences. ”

Nicola Meinders, VP Marketing at Jonckers

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