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MediaPro Case Study

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MediaPRO has partnered with Jonckers, the home of WordsOnline, to expand the reach of its award-winning cybersecurity and data privacy training programs.

By collaborating with Jonckers, MediaPRO has been able to deliver its extensive library of Training Packs™ and tools such as the Content Catalog to a broader audience in multiple languages. The long-term partnership between the two companies has enabled MediaPRO to trust Jonckers for the localization of their products.

The Challenge

MediaPRO develops customized security and privacy training solutions for third-party companies. To reach a wider audience and keep learners engaged, they require video localization.

Each project presents unique challenges, from diverse language requirements to varying word count volumes. Jonckers, MediaPRO’s trusted localization provider, offers a flexible, specialized pool of pre-certified linguists in multiple language combinations to meet all their linguistic needs.

Key Points

  1. Quality: High-quality, customized security and privacy training solutions are delivered in multiple languages with pre-certified linguists to meet all needs.
  2. Cost control: Translation memories save time and money by avoiding re-translation costs and integrating approved content at no extra cost.
  3. Speed and flexibility: A cloud platform provides optimal efficiency and savings with a fully automated translation service that maintains high standards.
  4. Communication: A long-term partnership ensures understanding and fulfillment of localization needs for businesses to focus on growth.

The Solution

Jonckers’ long-term partnership with MediaPRO has allowed them to understand and fulfill their localization needs effectively.

By creating and maintaining translation memories, Jonckers has saved MediaPRO time and money. Stored processed content in translation memories ensures that MediaPRO doesn’t pay for previously translated phrases, thereby avoiding additional re-translation costs. Jonckers’ focus is now on localizing custom pages with new and customized information while integrating approved content at no cost.

MediaPRO uses Jonckers’ cloud-platform, WordsOnline, for optimal efficiency and savings, benefiting from a fully automated translation service that maintains Jonckers’ high linguistic standards.

The Result

MediaPRO partnered with Jonckers to localize their cybersecurity and data privacy training solutions for a global audience.

Jonckers provided a flexible and specialized pool of pre-certified linguists, as well as a cloud platform called WordsOnline, to optimize the translation process. By maintaining translation memories, Jonckers helped MediaPRO save time and money on re-translation costs.

With the fully automated translation service provided by Jonckers, MediaPRO was able to upload content easily and focus on growing its core business.

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“The [combination of] pricing, the use of machine memory, WordsOnline platform, efficient processes, and how you [Jonckers] respond to our inquiries and urgent needs, all came together for us to show the partnership is solid.”

– Jennifer Wraspir, Senior Director of Professional Services at MediaPRO

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