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Our ideal client

Here we share with you our ideal client for localization and translation work. If you don’t check all the boxes, it doesn’t mean that we can’t help you (or that we’ll be swiping right!). But most of the following ring true in our most successful client engagements.

Our best-fit clients… We have 3 types of services:

  • WordsOnline Localization,
  • Multimedia & Design Localization
  • Software Testing Services.

For all services, our current clients and our ideal clients share the same characteristics:

Preferably high volumes of translation or localization on a regular or frequent basis i.e., from tens of thousands to millions of words a month.

Willingness to commit the time and attention of their Executive and Sales teams both at the beginning of the engagement and throughout the process to drive quality communications, reduce human error and establish intelligent workflows.

We love high volumes of eCommerce product descriptions as WordsOnline flourishes when content can easily be segmented in to small pieces.

Are in the following industries: eCommerce, Electronics/Manufacturing/High Tech, IT and Software, or in Travel, Tourism, and Airlines.

We work with optimizing your global teams and increasing your efficiency (doing more with less budget!) This means we work with customer support, (claim processing), and leveraging marketing agencies (global client launches)

For examples, please see our case studies

Marketing Case Study

In this case study, we’ll take a look at how this agency consistently nails global marketing campaigns every season. Watch to learn their secrets and tips for success.

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Insurance Case Study

Insurance Case Study

An insurance company seeks to expand globally by breaking down language barriers, but it’s not an easy task. To achieve this, a reliable language services company like Jonckers with cutting-edge

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Most are enterprise level with 10,000+ employees

Most are based in the US and Europe, and are selling internationally.

Advocates of a subscription setting, with a top-up for large projects, so they can control internal administration, and go to market regularly without arduous approval processes (product updates, new season collections etc.)

English (US or UK) as a source language, which is then translated into 20 to 100+ languages

Higher volumes of standard target languages (French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean).

Our current clients are not afraid of technology as an enabler and understand that we thrive with optimal quality and cost-benefits through an automated translation process, with human review (MTPE).

Most of our current clients are interested in long-term strategy (not quick, cheap fixes) for growing their top and bottom lines with ideal-fit customers.

Delighted that we are machine translation agnostic, so we can choose the best machine translation platform for their content type before starting large project. This will reduce the effort required to edit further down the process, as we’ve the best quality output for their use case and language pairs.

Our ideal clients are willing to invest in creating their own terminology and linguistic guidance to deliver the right quality from the start. This is to guide reviewers with simple linguistic instructions.

Some of our enterprise customers also require machine translation memories to be applied, to learn from past translations and speed up future translation.

Are comprised of individuals who collectively possess deep expertise in their lines of business, customer service, customer experience and global marketing

Are interested in engaging customers throughout their lifecycle and translating into all markets where they want to operate.

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