WordsOnline connects to CMS systems to speed up website translation

Are you a marketer grappling with the daunting task of website localization?

We understand the challenges you face – the stress, the budget constraints, the time crunch, and the quality concerns that arise when you lack the right tools to seamlessly translate your content within your Content Management System (CMS).

Picture this all-too-familiar scenario: You start by laboriously extracting content from your CMS, sending it off to your chosen localization provider, and then waiting anxiously for the translated material to arrive, often with no visibility into the project’s progress. And when the translations finally land in your inbox, the real struggle begins – trying to meticulously fit them back into your CMS, a process fraught with the risk of errors due to manual copying and pasting. Let’s face it – as marketers, we may be multilingual, but when dealing with a multitude of languages, it’s nearly impossible to ensure the precision and accuracy of where to paste each section, especially if they’re not even using our alphabet (Thai, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Hindi etc).

This is where Jonckers steps in to revolutionize the localization experience for global website marketers. We’ve taken the hassle out of the equation and put you, the marketer, back in the driver’s seat when it comes to managing your global websites.

Jonckers has created a series of connectors designed to seamlessly integrate with popular CMS platforms like Drupal, and Adobe Experience Management. With just a few clicks, you can send your content for translation directly from your CMS to our proprietary AI-powered translation platform, WordsOnline. And, if you’re using Tridion Sites or other Translation Management Systems (TMS), we’ve got you covered too.

Once we have your content, we handle the translation and human review, run quality checks, and then integrate this back into your CMS – all while keeping you in the loop with real-time progress dashboards.

Say goodbye to missed deadlines and say hello to control, transparency, and accuracy in your global content strategy.

At Jonckers, we’re not just simplifying website localization; we’re empowering you to conquer the global market with confidence.”

Stay within your user interface, so no training required for your website users.

Boost your control over quality, speed and consistency of your website localization.

No copy/pasting errors - we’ll send the content back to your CMS system, already in the correct formatting.

You never need to leave your CMS interface!

Jonckers’ connector between Drupal or Tridion and WordsOnline streamlines this process to provide a seamless localization experience. From within your user interface, you can select the content you need translating and send it to WordsOnline in a matter of clicks. Once translated, we’ll send the content back to your CMS system, already in the correct formatting. 

While your content is undergoing translation, you can log in to your WordsOnline account to check up on its progress. We provide full transparent dashboards to keep you in the loop at every stage of the process.

Gone are the days of long email chains and translations taking place inside a black box with no visibility. Welcome to a new era of simplicity, speed, and satisfaction.

Our use of AI and automation throughout the translation process means our translation workflow is five times faster than the norm. Continuous localization is built into WordsOnline at every point of the process, allowing Drupal users to send more and more content for translation and to receive their translated files back in a continuous cycle

WordsOnline follows a machine translation and post-editing model: all content first undergoes neural machine translation before being post-edited by our pool of expert linguists. Our linguists continually claim small segments of text for post-editing, before sending these for review and subsequently quality assurance. Our continuous localization approach means that review and QA can happen while the linguist works on their next set of segments. This simultaneous workflow means you receive your translations back in half the time, but can be assured that your translated content is still of the highest quality.

Not only do our automated processes speed things up and ensure quality by eliminating the risk of human error, they also offer significant reductions in cost. Using WordsOnline, our customer Microsoft saw cost-savings of 50% on their localization spend. 

Microsoft Case Study

In this case study, we’ll explore how Microsoft safeguards its reputation, how their corporate culture influences communications, and what types of content Microsoft CE & S regularly translate.

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If you’re a Drupal or Tridion user and would like to benefit from an automated, end-to-end localization experience that integrates with your CMS platform, get in touch with us today.


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