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Technical Translation Case Study

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For over 20 years, Jonckers has managed the translation of instruction manuals and user interfaces for a multinational manufacturing equipment and devices company. As the manufacturing industry evolves, so does the localization process, with more specialized and complex machinery requiring comprehensive manuals. Each new product also requires a new user interface and manual to be translated and released.

This case study explores how Jonckers has adapted to these changes to help international manufacturing companies sell and service in the global marketplace without overspending on localization.

The Challenge

The challenge of technical translation is to localize products for different markets while maintaining accuracy and efficiency. Technical terminology is highly specialized, and there are often character limitations when translating user interfaces. Companies need to launch their products simultaneously in all markets, and data protection is crucial.

Jonckers must ensure effective workflows to meet tight deadlines without sacrificing quality and rely on an extra-secure environment to prevent data leaks.

Key Points

  1. Technical translation expertise: Over 20 years of experience managing specialized technical translations for a multinational manufacturing company, providing accurate and efficient translations.
  2. Efficient workflows: Streamlined translation workflow to reduce costs and turnaround times, using translation memories and a large pool of trained linguists to cope with sudden, large volumes effectively.
  3. User manual support: Assists manufacturing company with an internal DTP team to put together user manuals in 30 languages, ensuring simultaneous product launches in all markets.
  4. Long-standing partnership: Trusted localization partner for two decades, providing fast, low-cost updates while ensuring data protection and quality.

The Solution

Jonckers has a huge pool of trained linguists that can cope with sudden, large volumes effectively and securely. We streamlined the translation workflow to reduce costs and turnaround times for our customer.

We make use of the translation memories we’ve gathered over the two decades working with this client to cut down on turnaround times and offer a huge cost reduction. Finally, Jonckers assists this manufacturing company with the strong support of our internal DTP team to put together user manuals that are sometimes more than 1,000 pages long in 30+ languages.

The Result

Jonckers has been the trusted localization partner for a multinational manufacturing company for two decades, growing and adapting to rapid industry changes.

Our developed process allows for fast, low-cost updates to device user interfaces and instruction manuals.

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