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Multimedia & e-Learning Services

Simplify your workflows through our subscription model, which handles not only your content localization, but also your desktop publishing (DTP) needs to cover any type of multimedia content.


AI-powered with a human touch

WordsOnline combines machine translation with post-editing by our expertly trained linguists: offering the speed and agility of AI with the authenticity and quality of the human eye.

We love hybrid quality & efficiency!


Global reach within budget

Jonckers has been providing professional translation, testing and DTP services to some of the world’s best-known brands, including Amazon, Adobe, and Microsoft, since 1994

We love helping clients go global faster!


Easy project management

Our industry-first subscription service allows you to continuously upload your translations, hassle-free! We even use DTP credits for localizing your design work, videos, or website content.

We love simplifying your workload!

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Are you researching eLearning Localization?

The most important is increasing accessibility for organizations with a global footprint or for domestic organizations who rely on a multilingual work force. Here is a breakdown of the various reasons why organizations should be localizing their e-learning content.

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Why Multilingual Product Listings Are Key to Success

Did you know? Seventy-six percent of online shoppers prefer buying products with information in their own language. Moreover, 40% say they will never buy from websites in other languages, according to CSA Research.


Translation has never been this easy!

Upload your files, select your languages, choose your service level, and pay online.

Upload, relax, repeat.

Case Studies


Adobe case study

  • 8000+ localized videos
  • 6 million localized words
  • 9 language combinations
  • 100+ certified linguists

Marketing agency case study

  • 118 language combinations
  • 35,5 million localized words in 2020
  • 3200 deliveries in 2020
  • 100+ certified linguists

Mountain Warehouse case study

  • Full e-commerce localization experience
  • Seasonal collection releases
  • Multiple sales channels
  • Fast reach to new markets

Portal queries case study

  • Small teams empowered to support globally
  • Customer dashboards
  • Automated workflow
  • Cutting edge technology

Digital assistants case study

  • Innovative technology
  • Conversational artificial intelligence
  • Automated customer support
  • Human quality translation

Change the way you translate!

Upload your documents to WordsOnline and pay online for a fast, simple service. 10% discount on your first order

We will help you transition to the new world of continuous localization!

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Quote from Martin Vesely

VP Engineering

Visual and dynamic content is at the heart of our engineering projects.

There’s a very distinct art to matching translated text into the required creative formats, due to the limited subtitling, dubbing, voice-over, or UI space available. Having worked on Adobe’s creative content for over ten years, involving the localization of thousands of videos, we’re confident we can bring your brand to life in any digital format.

We also support digital testing at scale… In one recent project, we hired three hundred product testers within three months (!) to work full-time on product testing for our customer’s entire product range.

We use a combination of intelligent consulting, workflows, AI, and automation to deliver complex projects such as integrations, connectors, linguistic testing, third-party testing, and even powering multilingual support desks, online portals, and chatbots. Whether you’re creating social ads, corporate videos, or interactive e-Learning, we’re ready to localize!

Our global customers

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Discover Continuous Localization and the power of AI translations