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Going Beyond the Words

Going Beyond the Words

The Multimedia Specialist’s Role in the Translation Industry

Today, we have the pleasure of speaking with Ngoc Anh To, a highly skilled multimedia specialist in the translation industry. From videos and presentations to interactive e-courses, multimedia specialists like her ensure that not only the text but also the visual elements are localized and culturally appropriate, creating a cohesive experience for each target language. In this article, we will cover Ngoc Anh’s insights into her role, the challenges she faces, and how she contributes to achieving high-quality translations.

Ngoc Anh's Role as a Multimedia Specialist

Ngoc Anh is a multimedia specialist within the Desktop Publishing (DTP) department. Her primary responsibility is to maintain the final quality of the translated content, and for that she works closely with the translation project managers to seamlessly integrate the translated content back into the design, making sure it is free from errors. She says:  

“In multimedia and DTP, we need to bridge the gap between translation and design. After translation is completed, we import it back to it, adjusting all elements so it looks like the original file, while following clients’ specific requirements for each language.”


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Challenges in the Role

According to Ngoc Anh,

“The most important part of my role is to meet the deadline while still maintaining a good final quality”,

she explains,

“everything needs to be in place and be free of errors by then.”

Another challenge she faces is working on large projects with diverse content types. Localizing numerous files with different multimedia elements requires effective coordination and organization. She says, 

“When we have big and dynamic projects, there are several different files and types of contents we need to localize, and to deliver it, we need the best workflow and teamwork to meet the deadline.”

The Future of Multimedia in Translation

Ngoc Anh believes that the future of multimedia in translation will continue to evolve with advancements in technology. While Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made significant strides in the translation industry, she emphasizes the importance of human involvement and expertise in handling multimedia translations.

“We have WordsOnline, which uses AI, and this platform contributes directly to our work. We reduce the time needed for translation, so the turnaround time is shortened in turn,”

she explains,

“this means a lot when we have complex and big projects.”

Understanding cultural nuances, adapting visuals, and ensuring accurate localization require the human touch that AI cannot provide. She elaborates,

“It is the same at the time of a change from the agricultural age to the industrial age. The change to AI-based workflow will not remove us from our responsibilities, humans will adapt and move on to higher and more valuable responsibilities.”

The Key Qualities a Multimedia Specialist Must Have

According to Ngoc Anh, a good multimedia specialist must have the ability to focus, have an eye for detail and be always willing to learn. She says, 

“The ability to concentrate and be attentive is important, as well as always continuing learning. With the future advancements of AI, we will focus more on our expert opinion and quality assurance, so having a high personal standard is a must as well.”

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Ngoc Anh To’s expertise in bridging the gap between translation and design ensures that the final output is not only accurate but visually appealing as well. Despite the challenges of meeting deadlines and coordinating several different moving parts in a project, Ngoc Anh’s dedication to maintaining the highest quality in every project is evident. As the demand for multilingual multimedia continues to grow, the role of multimedia specialists like Ngoc Anh will remain crucial in effectively communicating with global audiences.

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