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High quality localization of all content, including graphic design, video subtitles and voiceovers.

What are your objectives?

Create engaging & resonating content Achieve universal comprehension Increase registrations Localize a high volume of videos Launch courses cost-effectively and quickly Localize diverse content types Maximize ROI and control costs Offer multilingual sales support or knowledge base Publish multilingual promotional content

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Modern translation challenges for e-Learning companies


Balancing quality video localization with cost-effectiveness


Importance of educating audiences in their own language


Use of subtitles and synthetic or human voiceovers


Need for cost-effective solutions to globalize helpdesk or customer support


Slow and inefficient turnaround of all content


Produce high-quality multilingual content

Benefits of our WordsOnline Translation Platform



WordsOnline combines neural machine translation with our network of expert linguists to offer the speed and agility of AI with the authenticity and quality of the human eye. Our processes are ISO certified.



We are trusted to localize e-Learning content by IT titans such as Microsoft, Oracle, and Adobe, enabling them to go to market quickly with impeccable quality.



Jonckers' intelligent application of AI, continuous localization, and our global linguistic community reduces costly manual steps. Our flexible pricing options enable clever cost control, and our WordsOnline subscription plans reduce both costs and admin overhead.

Our e-Learning customers include

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The most important is increasing accessibility for organizations with a global footprint or for domestic organizations who rely on a multilingual work force. Here is a breakdown of the various reasons why organizations should be localizing their e-learning content.

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Discover how we translate e-Learning content for cybersecurity training provider, MediaPRO

  • 42 languages in 2020
  • 10 years of customer satisfaction
  • Range of sources
  • Scalability

Read how Adobe Experience League was able to localize more than 8,000 videos a year with intelligent workflows

  • 6 million localized words
  • 9 language combinations
  • 100+ certified linguists
  • 8,000 videos localized
  • Translation, Localization, Transcription, Subtitling, Voiceover etc

Services include:


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image Did you ever wonder how the universal translator in Star Trek would actually work? How could a machine take every language and translate it in perfect idiomatic American English?

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