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Our experience with Adobe, Microsoft and Samsung and others
demonstrates one of the best track records in the industry.

Change the way you translate
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Up to 50% Cheaper & 80% Faster than traditional translation

What are your objectives?

New customer acquisition Faster market penetration Reduce global customer support costs Increase ARR/subscription Reduce product release time Localize the user interface in agile processes Maintain cost control

Translation challenges for the IT, software and high tech industry


Demanding release schedule


Agility & speed


Consistency & quality


Reduce time to upgrade


Real-time dashboards


Functional & linguistic testing


Unlocking Global Markets

How to Automate Software Localization for High-tech and IT Industries

Benefits of working with Jonckers



There's a reason we have loyal, long-term partnerships with our clients: ISO-certified quality is built into every step of our processes. Our commitment to delivering quality translations reduces rework and stress.



We are trusted by IT titans such as Microsoft, Oracle, Samsung and Adobe. Go to market quickly with impeccable quality.



Jonckers' intelligent application of AI, continuous localization workflows, and our global linguistic community reduces costly manual steps. Our flexible pricing models allow for enhanced cost control.

Our IT, software and high-tech customers

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Case Studies


Digital assistants case study

  • Innovative technology
  • Conversational artificial intelligence
  • Automated customer support
  • Human quality translation

Software case study

  • 25-year partnership
  • Adaptation to proprietary tools
  • Technical documentation
  • User interface localization

Services include:


Trusted by Amazon, Adobe, Samsung...

We are trusted by the best in the industry to deliver quality (multimedia) translations to support global customer loyalty.

Interested in some background reading?

image Did you ever wonder how the universal translator in Star Trek would actually work? How could a machine take every language and translate it in perfect idiomatic American English?

Our global customers

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