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Insurance Case Study

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An insurance company seeks to expand globally by breaking down language barriers, but it’s not an easy task. To achieve this, a reliable language services company like Jonckers with cutting-edge technology and translation expertise can help.

With Jonckers’ intelligent translation outsourcing model, the insurance company can grow globally while keeping in-house experts focused on their roles.

The Challenge

Jonckers faces a challenge of translating 300 files per day related to customer claims, originating from 55 different source languages and needing to be translated into English.

The files are typically 1-10 pages long, received as scanned PDFs or phone pictures, and contain sensitive personal information. Jonckers ensures data privacy and security while providing accurate translations.

Key Points

  1. Multilingual project management: Converted files into editable PDFs, stored them securely, and provided summaries in English with relevant information, reducing time and expenses while ensuring accuracy and data privacy.
  2. Effective collaboration: Created a guide for linguists to identify and flag crucial information, and included sticky notes in the original document, reducing turnaround time for processing insurance claims and increasing customer satisfaction.
  3. Continuous improvement: Tracked customer engagement metrics and made quick adjustments to improve workflow efficiency, achieving higher customer satisfaction and processing almost 90,000 files in 2020 using a semi-automated workflow.

The Solution

Jonckers’ solution to the challenge of processing documents related to customer claims was to convert the files into editable PDFs, store them securely in restricted access servers, and have linguists provide a summary in English, highlighting the relevant information needed by the insurance company employee.

Jonckers created a guide for linguists to help them identify and flag crucial information, and also include sticky notes in the original document. This method reduces time and expenses for both Jonckers and the client by providing only the necessary information instead of a full translation that includes irrelevant information.

The Result

Jonckers successfully processed almost 90,000 files for an insurance company in 2020 using a semi-automated workflow. The majority of files (70,000) were returned to the customer in just 4 hours, with the largest files taking only a couple of days.

Jonckers’ innovative approach, including the unique sticky-note approach, increases customer satisfaction by reducing turnaround time for processing insurance claims. The workflow ensures sensitive and confidential data is handled securely, and files are deleted within GDPR timeframes.

“It is exhilarating to satisfy the linguistic needs of a multinational Insurance Company. Their multiple translation requirements demand innovative workflows unique to the localization industry.

Our teams need to think outside of the box to create linguistic processes customized to their core requirements. Additionally, our workflows must ensure data security, delivery in challenging turnaround times, and leave no room for errors.”

– Program Manager at Jonckers

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