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DTP (Desk Top Publishing) Case Study

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Are you struggling with a large number of poorly-designed files after your content has been translated? Does it seem like the translation and design quality of your documents are suffering? If so, you’re not alone.

Many organizations have faced this same challenge and have been able to successfully overcome it with the help of desktop publishing (DTP) services. In this case study, we’ll take a look at how our DTP services have helped our clients save time and money, while ensuring that their translations and design remain consistent and of the highest quality.

The Challenge

When content is translated into another language, it often presents a whole new set of challenges. Not only does the message need to be conveyed accurately and effectively, but it also needs to look as good in its translated form as it did in its original language. Unfortunately, many translations end up being poorly designed after they are completed.

The design of the file may be distorted or incompatible with the other software used, causing a host of issues. This can lead to sub-par visuals and an overall lack of quality in the project. It’s not a situation that any business should want to find itself in, and it’s something that our desktop publishing services can help with. Desktop publishing (DTP) helps to bridge the gap between translation and design.

Our experienced professionals are familiar with all aspects of design and know how to adjust files accordingly so that the finished product looks exactly how it should. We ensure that all translations maintain their original design integrity and make sure that no details are lost in the process. This means that our clients don’t have to worry about dealing with poorly-designed files after their content has been translated.

Key Points

  1. The problem: Poorly-designed files after translation can lead to sub-par visuals and an overall lack of quality in the project.
  2. The solution: Desktop publishing (DTP) services bridge the gap between translation and design to ensure that all elements remain consistent with the original document.
  3. The results: Quality translation and design improve engagement with the target audience and increase customer satisfaction, leading to greater success for businesses.
  4. Quality assurance: Our DTP services include a complete quality assurance review process to ensure accuracy and consistency across all platforms and formats, guaranteeing that all content is faithfully preserved.

The Solution

Desktop publishing (DTP) services are an effective way to ensure that your content looks the same after translation as it did before.

Our team of experienced designers and desktop publishing experts can make sure that all elements, such as text size, graphics, images, and layout, remain consistent with the original document. At Jonckers, we use a range of desktop publishing software tools, such as Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress, to ensure that your translated content maintains its quality. We take into account a range of factors, from the types of fonts used to the appropriate layout for each language. We also pay attention to special elements like diacritical marks and bidirectional alignment to make sure the translated material looks professional. In addition, our DTP services include a complete quality assurance review process to ensure accuracy and consistency across all platforms and formats.

This includes proofreading for accuracy, checking for spelling errors, testing compatibility with various operating systems, and more. By leveraging our expertise in desktop publishing, you can be sure that your content will remain consistent, no matter where it’s viewed or shared.

The Result

Desktop publishing (DTP) services are essential for any business that wants to ensure that their content looks professional, even after it has been translated. By leveraging the expertise of experienced DTP professionals, clients can be sure that the design quality of their content remains intact, even in another language.

At Jonckers, our team of experienced DTP professionals is dedicated to producing quality translations that accurately reflect your original intent. We use state-of-the-art software to guarantee accuracy in every aspect of the translation process.

This means that all of your content – from text to layout to visuals – will be faithfully preserved, no matter what language it is translated into. Thanks to our team’s dedication to excellence, our clients have seen tremendous success when they take advantage of our desktop publishing services. By preserving the design quality of their content after translation, they have achieved greater engagement with their target audience and increased customer satisfaction.

The bottom line? With our desktop publishing services, you can ensure that your content is correctly localized and looks professional, no matter what language it is in.

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