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How Microsoft Safeguards Its Global Reputation

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As one of the world’s most recognizable and trusted brands, Microsoft has worked hard to maintain a strong global reputation. In this case study, we’ll explore how Microsoft safeguards its reputation, how their corporate culture influences communications, and what types of content Microsoft CE & S regularly translate. By understanding these key strategies, we can gain valuable insight into the inner workings of a global powerhouse.

The Challenge

Microsoft is a global brand, which means it has a worldwide presence and its reputation needs to be safeguarded in all the markets where it operates. Protecting a global brand requires careful consideration of culture, language, and content. In order to ensure a consistent brand image and message across all markets, Microsoft must constantly assess and update its communications strategy.

Microsoft’s Customer Experience & Success team cover all topics from product installation and activation to payment and  billing management, and tips for working more securely from home.

Key Points

  1. Quality is utmost priority to safeguard their reputation and drive customer loyalty.
  2. Cost control is important, to ensure the whole volume of content can be localized within budget.
  3. Speed and flexibility required for overnight translation of urgent content.
  4. Collaboration to localize consistently and continuously, as smoothly as possible.
  5. Scalability to handle both rush jobs as well as ongoing large scale projects.

The Solution

To help them achieve this, for the last seven years, Jonckers localizes all their customer services related content: from technical articles, technical support, security notes, white papers, to social media campaigns. Jonckers translates around one million words per month in up to 47 languages.

From the beginning of our collaboration, Jonckers successfully delivered multiple overnight projects, some of them in 47 languages, and all ahead of deadline. Due to the variety of translation requirements and different turnaround times, Jonckers has always been flexible to accommodate Microsoft’s needs. This was possible thanks to our excellent communication with Microsoft and the life cycle migration into WordsOnline, Jonckers’ AI powered post-editing platform.

Pei Wang, Sr. Content Program Manager: “We don’t just feel like another client, we feel that you are invested in making us successful“.

The Result

Microsoft’s reputation was successfully safeguarded with the help of Jonckers & WordsOnline.  Our diversity and inclusion directives also require us to communicate across language barriers, to be inclusive.

Jonckers ensured that all translations were of the highest quality. The quality of translation has been measured in their online engagement metrics: Helena Masar, Sr. Content Program Manager: “Not only do you find creative ways to quickly adjust and improve our fast-changing localization processes you are also very fun and easy to work with. You work smart and are very agile, which in turn allows us to thrive.”

She further added “We track customer feedback on the articles, and their helpfulness, per language vs. other language. We have seen a higher usage of the content and higher ratings through the data.”

WordsOnline’s effective workflow application and innovation has not only simplified Microsoft’s internal administration and improved customer ratings, but it has also given them a sharp reduction in localization costs – over 50% cost reduction.

Changing the workflow to WordsOnline made it possible for us to meet urgent deadlines and to provide the quality levels we needed more efficiently. The use of Neural Machine Translation together with our specialized post-editors and automated workflows etc., resulted in over 50% cost savings for Microsoft.

With the help of Jonckers & WordsOnline, Microsoft was able to protect its global reputation and keep its customers informed.

“Thanks to Jonckers & WordsOnline, our team receives the quality expectations, scalability and fast turnaround times our projects require.

Through clear communications, transparent pricing, we are sure that we in control of our global content growth.”

– Knowledge Management Leader, Microsoft

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