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Agile functional testing

Jonckers can support your agile software development through continuous testing. We can deliver functional and linguistic testing around the clock, so your software goes to market quickly and fully tested.

Bug-free development for your entire software platform


Cost Saving

Outsourcing comes at a price, but this can have a short payback period. For one client we delivered 50% cost saving through our custom-hiring, scalable recruiting, and training processes, with no idle downtime after the first three months.



Jonckers delivers scalability like no other. Jonckers responded to an immediate need for testing by training 18 testers on one product - within a week - to ensure delivery from week one. As an agile vendor of linguistic and functional testing services, Jonckers continued to scale at unprecedented speed by adding 20-26 testers per week.



With our follow-the-sun methodology, US development teams can have their day’s coding checked, throughout the night, to deliver optimal efficiency and no downtime. Jonckers deployed teams in different shifts, to ensure clear communication.


Data Integrity

Jonckers also ensure integrity, by downloading 5-6GB of fresh coding data per person per day. We freshly install each updated version, every day with the quality of testing is superior due to the training of staff and the use of non-simulated hardware. Communication is improved due to the follow-the-sun methodology. Customer satisfaction has increased through better performance, stability, and quality. The Jonckers team are running 10,000+ test cases per day and have further capacity to scale up.



Jonckers listens to the clients’ requirements and challenges to deliver long-term solutions in the most cost-effective way. For example, it is not only the human aspect of organizing and running these tests that count. Jonckers has invested in 1,000 specific hardware pieces, each with a distinct set up. This allows Jonckers to test on all physical devices, there is not one device in simulated environments. This enhances the quality and feedback given to the client, as it is real data and experiences, not hypothetical. Jonckers can hereby prevent more bugs and give more data and feedback to the client, such as how the product performs in different environments.

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Functional and Linguistic testing at scale


High quality and scalable functional and linguistic testing

  • 200+ fully trained testers
  • running 10,000+ structured test cases
  • through 1,800 - 2,000 hours of testing.

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