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Jonckers Translation & Engineering helps companies to bring their products to global markets faster, cost-effectively, and at optimal quality levels.
The company achieves this by combining its AI- enabled platform, WordsOnline, with its highly curated pool of linguists and in-house professionals. Jonckers has long-standing relationships with global brands such as Amazon, Microsoft, Adobe, and Marriott International.

Best Translation & Localization Services Provider


The Jonckers Guide for Localization of E-learning Courses

Content is king and translation is the unsung hero

Content does not come in a one-size-fits-all; it comes in all shapes and sizes. Large eCommerce companies have millions of product descriptions that need translating each year into all major languages, while manufacturing and electronics companies need to renew thousand-page-long user and technical manuals with every product release and upgrade. These companies also have customers and employees all over the world with whom they need to communicate.


Jonckers removes the language barriers, enabling companies in retail/eCommerce, manufacturing and automotive, travel and tourism, hospitality, and IT/hi-tech to communicate with their customers in their native language with ease – and five-times faster than any other service. Even if an online customer is multilingual, they tend to prefer to browse in their native language. If the full experience is in their native language, there will be a higher chance of them engaging and making a purchase.


Charlene Douglass, Knowledge Management Leader at Microsoft says: “After many years working together, we’re still delighted with Jonckers’ service. We value high-quality translations, a competitive price and high-speed turnaround, and Jonckers delivers on all three. No one comes close to their pricing and quality level. Other teams are asking us to manage their translations through Jonckers, as they love the quality, speed, and service with Jonckers.”


The truth is, customers will not buy from a company if they don’t understand the content, for example: product descriptions, payment information, multimedia such as videos and imagery, and even menus on restaurant or cafe websites. Jonckers serves its clients with a hybrid combination of its in-house, AI-powered translation platform, WordsOnline, and its connected worldwide network of linguists and translators. Using continuous localization, it can deliver a content flow that runs day and night, keeping its clients’ deadlines on track.


WordsOnline was originally developed to manage Amazon’s high-volume projects and their tight delivery times by using a large pool of linguists. The platform enables Amazon’s content to be translated continuously by our community of linguists and the quality and progress of these translations to be monitored based on live data. Jonckers processed more than 600 million words for Amazon in over 120 language combinations, so far.


At the time, Amazon was a pioneer in need of continuous localization, whilst others were still translating in a more linear way. Nowadays, more and more companies are looking for agile ways to bring their content to market faster. This is why WordsOnline is now used by many more companies around the globe.


The automated process and workflows in WordsOnline have also increased the productivity of Jonckers’ network of linguists. Also, WordsOnline has the ability to provide training to Jonckers’ linguists, enabling them to constantly improve their quality of translations, even while the translation project is ongoing.


Utilizing machine translation (MT) technology – either in a stand-alone way or combining it with human expertise – WordsOnline is also ideal for use by travel and tourism companies, such as Turkish Airlines, enabling their travelers to access cultural guides; information about holidays, activities, and festivities; resort videos; tour teaser videos; user-generated reviews and more.


Apart from the increased demand for continuous localization, we also see more customers requiring higher volumes of global video and e-learning content.

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