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How Jonckers Speeds Up and Streamlines Localization for Mid-sized Enterprises

How Jonckers Speeds Up and Streamlines Localization for Mid-sized Enterprises

How much more quickly could your business expand globally if translation and localization were easier and faster? Many mid-sized businesses find their localization needs too extensive to manage piecemeal over email yet find themselves daunted by the expensive traditional Translation Management Systems (TMS) used to streamline the localization process. These systems are often packed with complex features tailored for the largest of enterprises. For smaller organizations, they’re often too much: too many features, too time-consuming to customize and deploy, and too expensive.

Like Goldilocks seeking the perfect chair, mid-sized businesses often struggle to find a translation tool that’s just right: not too complicated, yet not too basic, with just the right features needed to get the job done.

At Jonckers, we built our translation platform, WordsOnline, to simplify the translation process without overwhelming mid-sized businesses and make localization fast and accessible for everyone.

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Does Your Business Need an Online Translation Portal?

Localizing your product or software often means more than just translating content once; it demands efficient and continuous updates across multiple languages. Customers in your target markets require the same accurate, up-to-date information and support materials as customers in your original market—or they may not be your customers for long.

If your business struggles to manage translation processes efficiently ad hoc, grapples with resource drain or faces delays in updating content in target languages, it might be time to consider a dedicated tool. An online translation portal with machine translation (MT) and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities can transform localization workflows and make every step of the process more efficient.

Choosing a platform like this over a many-featured enterprise TMS can be a strategic move for mid-sized businesses, offering only the essential tools needed for fast, effective AI-driven localization without the complexity or high costs.

Ask yourself the following questions to determine if this approach is right for you:

  • Are you currently managing just one localization vendor or looking to streamline by moving to a single-source solution?
  • Have you avoided investing in complex localization tools but need an effective yet lean and agile solution?
  • Does your business handle large volumes of content across multiple languages?
  • Are you in a sector like e-commerce, retail, IT and software, automotive, manufacturing, travel, or hospitality that requires quick, agile localization solutions?
  • Is there a need in your business to continuously update and localize content quickly to keep up with market demands and updates?

If these questions highlight challenges you’re facing, WordsOnline may be the solution you’re looking for.

What is WordsOnline?

WordsOnline is an AI-driven online platform designed to streamline the localization process for mid-sized businesses. Unlike a traditional TMS that comes with cumbersome features and steep learning curves, WordsOnline offers a user-friendly, efficient solution tailored to the unique needs of today’s fast-moving industries.

With WordsOnline, businesses can submit content to be translated by machine translation, evaluated for quality by AI, and then post-edited by our pool of trained human linguists. Many hands make light work, and the same is true for translation: by splitting content into segments for multiple linguists to claim, jobs get done much faster, with less downtime.

An Online Translation Tool Packed with Powerful Features

WordsOnline is lean and easy to use and yet packed with features designed to streamline the localization process for mid-sized businesses. This provides a host of strategic advantages:

Translation localization Jonckers WordsOnline

Faster Turnaround Times with Machine Translation and AI

Cut localization schedules by up to 80%. WordsOnline accelerates content delivery with integrated neural machine translation, automated processes and continuous translation workflows. As a result, your global content keeps pace with your business demands, reducing the time from update to market.

Cost Reduction

Reduce localization costs by over 50% without cutting corners. By incorporating machine translation (MT) and automating quality assurance and workflows, WordsOnline significantly reduces the costs associated with translation.


Handle content peaks without the pressure. WordsOnline manages large volumes of content and scales up for major projects without any drop in performance or speed. This scalability makes it ideal for businesses experiencing growth or seasonal spikes in content demand.

Workflows Intelligent Translations

Flexibility with MT Engines

Choose the best machine translation engine for each project. WordsOnline offers the flexibility to select or switch between multiple MT engines, such as Google, Bing, or DeepL, depending on the specific needs and desired outcomes of your project. This adaptability gives you optimal translation accuracy and efficiency.


See your translation process clearly, every step of the way. WordsOnline provides transparency into all stages of the translation process via dashboards and reports, allowing you to monitor progress and make timely interventions when necessary.

Your own translation dashboard progress reports

High-Quality Results

Our platform maintains high standards of quality by combining advancements in machine translation and AI quality evaluation with expert human oversight, for translations are not only fast but also culturally and contextually appropriate. After the initial machine translation is completed, WordsOnline uses AI scoring to monitor and maintain translation quality, providing another layer of verification beyond human review.

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Online Terminology Management

Guarantee consistency and accuracy across all translated materials by managing and applying specific terminology unique to your business. WordsOnline can also use terminology and translation memories to train and customize your machine translation engine with adaptive MT.

API Connectivity

For businesses that require continuous localization, WordsOnline seamlessly integrates with your CMS and other systems through APIS to perpetually push fresh multilingual content updates across platforms and devices. This drives real-time global customer experiences.

Business Insights

Dashboards provide immediate access to project statuses, resource allocation, and more, helping you make informed decisions quickly.

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Ease of Use

Manage and initiate projects on your schedule, with the flexibility to respond to market demands instantly. WordsOnline is not just a tool; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to transform how mid-sized enterprises approach the challenge of global communication, making it simpler, faster, and more cost-effective.

How WordsOnline Uses AI

WordsOnline uses advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of translation processes in several different ways:

Adaptive machine translation (MT): WordsOnline integrates various AI-powered neural machine translation engines and trains them using your translation memories (TMs). Those TMs are adapted over time to improve translation accuracy and contextual relevance based on corrections and human feedback. The resulting translations are finely tuned to your business’s specific linguistic needs.

AI-driven quality control: The platform employs AI to evaluate translation quality, using algorithms to identify content that is likely to need revision and pass it on to human translators.

Automated workflows: AI also optimizes the translation workflow by automating task assignments and content delivery. This enables continuous localization by reducing manual handling, speeding up the translation process, and using resources wisely for faster project completion.

This streamlined use of AI allows WordsOnline to deliver high-quality, efficient translations, making it ideal for businesses expanding into new markets.

Flexible Payment Options

WordsOnline gives you two easy ways to handle your payments: Pay Now for one-off projects and a Subscription model for continuous needs. Choose Pay Now to get an instant quote, making it simple to see costs upfront. Or go with the Subscription option for steady, predictable billing—perfect if you often need translations at a steady volume.

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Our Streamlined Deployment Process

Deploying WordsOnline is straightforward and efficient, ensuring your translation system is up and running quickly. Here’s how we roll it out:

  • Needs analysis: We start by understanding your specific translation requirements and challenges.
  • Select and train engine: Based on your needs, we select the most suitable machine translation engine. We then train this engine using your existing content to ensure it aligns well with your industry’s terminology and style.
  • Pilot: Before full deployment, we conduct a pilot phase where the system’s performance is evaluated in real-world scenarios to guarantee it meets your expectations.
  • Apply post-editing: After the pilot, our language experts step in to refine and perfect the translations, ensuring high-quality outputs.

To further streamline deployment, our API makes it easy to connect WordsOnline with your existing Content Management System (CMS) if desired.

A Translation Platform That Lets You Localize Like Microsoft

Here’s how WordsOnline is helping global brands streamline their localization efforts:

  • Amazon: For over 15 years, WordsOnline has seamlessly integrated with Amazon’s TMS, managing translations into more than 70 languages and ensuring content is always current, even during peak times.
  • Microsoft uses WordsOnline to dramatically reduce update times, translating content across 36 languages and reducing turnaround from 10 days to just 2 days.
  • Adobe streamlines its digital media document translations into 21 languages with WordsOnline, which connects with Adobe WorldServer to enhance workflow efficiency.
  • Tridion for Turkish Airlines: WordsOnline powers Turkish Airlines’ multilingual website content management through the Tridion CMS, supporting various content types and ensuring timely updates across 13 languages.

Getting Started with WordsOnline

WordsOnline is ideal for mid-sized businesses eager to enter new markets but just starting with localization. But at the end of the day, we’re a localization company whose goal is to provide products and content adapted for local markets, not a tools vendor aiming to sell you an expensive tool with more features than you may need. Tools and technology are simply a means to an end, and for us, that end goal is providing end-to-end services adapted to your needs. If WordsOnline makes sense for your business, we will deploy it on your behalf, but if not, we’re happy to customize our approach. 

Interested in simplifying your international expansion? Connect with us to discuss how we can best support your global growth goals.

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