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Accredited Language Experts

Jonckers can connect your business with our network of native Ukrainian speakers, including the team of our Ukrainian translation specialists, who can translate into more than 100 languages. Irrespective of whatever industry your business is in, be it e-learning, retail and commerce, gaming, software, marketing, television and films or travel and tourism, we can provide industry-specific Ukrainian translation and localisation services that can cover all sectors.

Our team of Ukrainian translators are not only experts in the language but have industry-specific expertise and several years of experience doing Ukrainian translation jobs. This allows us to guarantee that every linguist will provide work that is of the highest quality and will exceed the set quality standards.

Systematic Approach

We have a streamlined process that ensures that your content is of the highest quality and having worked with scores of companies, we have always strived to provide top-notch language solutions to our customers. We understand that the message you need to deliver to your global audience is very important and to this end, we have our in-house WordsOnline platform that helps to monitor your content’s progress and also performs quality checks to make sure that the content that is delivered to you is of superior standard. The platform also ensures a seamless experience and quick and flexible service.

Translation and Localisation

Clients who partner with us for Ukrainian translations will have their projects taken care of by native translators who are completely familiar with the subtleties of the Ukrainian language and culture. They will ensure that the translation you get is not simply a word-to-word conversion, but they also take care to localise the content to accommodate the nuances of the language.

Our translators are thorough and efficient in the work that they do for you. They have worked in different sectors and constantly endeavour to ensure that the documents they translate are completely accurate. At Jonckers, we truly understand your need for translation services that you can rely on for your business to succeed.

Why you need professional translators

Ukrainian is spoken by Ukrainians and is an East Slavic subgroup of the Slavic language. It is the official language of Ukraine and is closely related to Belarusian and Russian languages. The origin of Ukrainian can be traced to the Kyivs’ka Rus’ state and the language has undergone several changes over the years. Ukrainian also borrows a lot from other languages such as Croatian, Polish and Slovak.

There is a difference in which the Ukrainian language is spoken and written. The written form of the language is derived from the Cyrillic script. Ukrainian is spoken by over 51 million people in Ukraine and it is also spoken in other countries. Over the years, Ukrainian has gained importance worldwide and it is becoming important to know the nuances of the language in order to get high-quality Ukrainian content translations.

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Ukrainian Translation Services

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