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Your content must resonate with global audiences and entice them to your destinations. 
Increase your global presence, with the industry experts in professional tourism translations.

Why do global travel tourism and hospitality companies translate their content with us?


  1. We have a Tridion Sites Connector – associated with global content website management for airlines, travel, tourism and hospitality global websites. See our Press Release for more details.
  2. We have nearly 30 years of experience in translating for global industries.
  3. Our customer satisfaction rating remains over 9/10, with most customers scoring us 10/10. We have many loyal customers since our inauguration in 1994
  4. We have the industry-first Subscription Service for Translation. So you can translate without project-by-project approvals and associated admin. Thereby keeping your translations and budget under your control. 
  5. We have an in-house DTP team to ensure all your design work is translated too. Completing the end-to-end translation for your continuous publishing.

Services for translation for travel and tourism:

You have a mix of information for destinations, from hotel descriptions to client reviews. Your message is factual and engaging and must connect to global audiences and attract them to your brand, hotels and booking options. Jonckers specializes in creative content, making sure the message rings true to all customer markets. 

Services include:

  • Translation & Localization
  • Marketing & Transcreation
  • Global SEO & ASO
  • Website Localization (including Tridion Connector)
  • Text Analytics for Online Reviews

Our Travel & Tourism Customers

Jonckers has worked closely with global travel and hospitality brands to build strong, accurate localized content. Communication happens through the web, email and offline, with audiences around the globe. We work with some of the biggest names in the sector to ensure a fast, quality connection between businesses and consumers no matter where they are in the world.

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Continuous Publication

The travel and tourism sector is known for its seasonality, however for marketers, this creates a seasonal panic. Time for localization of all their hard-won content is squeezed to breaking point. Additional hassle such as quoting for and getting approval for translation on a campaign-by-campaign basis is tedious, time-consuming and not the most effective way to work.

Continuous Publication for Hospitality, Travel and Tourism

Jonckers shakes up the traditional project-by-project approval, by offering a subscription model. This allows companies, such as Turkish Airlines, to budget for their localization, in one easy step. The control this gives back to marketing, allows them to budget, plan and deliver with minimal interruption.

How Translating for Travel, Tourism, and Airlines Boosts Sales

Ever since budget airlines disrupted the market in the 90’s, international travel has boomed. Even the global pandemic only temporarily halted international travel. Once the restrictions were lifted, people were desperate to escape the gloom of lockdown with a summer break. With new hygiene restrictions in place, Travel and Tourism is poised for resurgence. It won’t be long before the markets are ready to welcome 1.4 billion holidaymakers a year again. Jonckers is here, ready to ensure all the final preparations for hotels chains, airlines, and tourism services are ready to communicate in their customers’ language and boost their market share. 

Joncker’s API connector to Tridion Sites (CMS system), offers new possibilities to translate even complex multilingual websites into the languages of their target markets.

Travel Tourism Translation

The internet and mobile apps also make hotel booking processes, agendas, trips, and tours a simple and easy process. Tourists are able to make plans and reservations without leaving their homes, but language barriers can be a significant problem for airline companies, tourist destinations, and travel agencies.

According to the World Economic Forum, only 1/6th of the global population understands English worldwide. This makes translating and localizing information crucial for tourism or airline businesses to reach people whose first language is not English.

Jonckers’ focus on creative content delivery matches international standards. We work around the clock to ensure your message is factual, engaging, and reaches global audiences on time.

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