Translation & Localization

Jonckers has been providing quality translation for nearly 30 years.

We understand that you need to communicate your message to your global audience. Whatever the content type or product, we will source and allocate the right talent, ensuring your message is understood, the way you intended.

We translate your content seamlessly through our WordsOnline platform, guaranteeing a fast and flexible service, giving you real-time updates and an overview of your content’s progress.

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How you can control your translations

We understand the challenges of so-called ‘blackbox translation” – the idea that you email your translation and hear nothing until it’s returned to you, hopefully at the quality you ordered. At Jonckers, we work differently. It is our mission to provide our partners with fast and flexible translation services in any language and across all media AND we offer transparent localization services like no other. 

We developed the translation platform, WordsOnline, to give customers complete and visible control over their content.

WordsOnline can integrate with a variety of platforms including (Content Management System or Website), e-commerce system, DAM (Digital Asset Management), PIM (Product Information Management) systems, Customer Service and Customer Portal. These integrations put you in control and efficiently managing all your multilingual content, irrespective of where the content is coming from or held. This also allows us to respond quicker to your translation requests. Some translations can be completed and quality reviewed within minutes of uploading. This is useful for priority turnaround content such as customer queries via portals.

For example, if you manage a complex website, you may use Tridion Sites as your CMS. We have recently developed a connector, to allow you to work without leaving the Tridion and Blueprinting environment. 

We can translate from a wide variety of content types from multi-touch customer campaigns (from SEO, web content, multi-touch emails, to twitter campaigns), to technical documentation, customer support, and of course, product descriptions and promotional descriptions.

If you require most business services with regard to targeting new markets, competitive bench-marking or consultancy, please contact us and we can discuss our supportive business services.

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Translating over 1 million words per week
with WordsOnline.


Trusted localization partner with
over 10 years of customer satisfaction.


Delivering over 8,000 localized videos (with voiceovers) within 18 months.

Jonckers was recognized for their innovative language solutions developed for multilingual customer support. Their proprietary translation platform, WordsOnline, makes use of AI and automation to translate customer queries and insurance claims as fast as possible. A customer query needing translated is returned within 30 minutes on average, with the record being just 3 minutes between receiving the request and Jonckers delivering the translated answer. To translate multilingual insurance claims for one customer, Jonckers processed almost 90,000 files in 2020 alone, with the vast majority of these files (78%) being delivered back to the customer in just 4 hours.

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