AI-Technology Platform

Simplifying And Speeding Up The Translation Process 

WordsOnline is the only end-to-end localization platform that manages all translations for any type of content, in any language across all media, in the cloud. It combines Neural Machine Translation and Translation Memory technology with an AI-empowered translation community.

WordsOnline provides control, transparency and scalability.

Right now, content translations are often managed on different digital systems and across multiple departments. Most translations use a tedious, manual step-by-step process, which is disconnected, time-consuming and relatively expensive. It is time to leave the step-by-step process and move to a continuous publishing and localisation approach that is fully automated, data-driven and continuous with a fully integrated language community.

WordsOnline is an exclusive Translation Management System developed by Jonckers. WordsOnline simplifies the translation workflow through instant, claim based allocation of content to a global network of linguist. The AI-platform also promises continuous delivery, with automated selection of content for added QA and prioritized review based on KPIs to ensure excellent quality translations.

WordsOnline Dashboard

WordsOnline Dashboard is a web application that translates customer  business critical information into intuitive pivot charts and KPIs. Jonckers Dashboard enables our customers to have 360° business insight on the status of their projects and accounts. It also serves as a reference for future business decisions.

How WordsOnline dashboard works

Customers can review and filter business statistics such as; how many words are completed per language, per division,per period, per service etc. With quality data incorporated, Jonckers Dashboard can also provide KPIs to cover quality score. Jonckers provides Client Dashboard as an integrated module in WordsOnline.

WordsOnline dashboard is built from the production data stored in our cloud database. It starts with a set of most frequently used KPIs that are applicable for most customers.

WordsOnline dashboard provides real-time data updates from cloud database.


To summarize

WordsOnline Dashboard provides a 360° view of projects so the clients can easily stay on top of status, analyze KPIs, tracking progress in real time. Status reporting, KPIs tracking, and statistics analyzing can never be easier.

Key Values

  • Smart business intelligence.
  • Business & operational KPI’s.
  • Secured environment.
  • Data sets applicable to third-parties as well.

WordsOnline Dashboard – real time and 360° view of key data at a glance

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