Marketing Translation

We understand that your key messages
and brand need to truly resonate across all markets

You start with creating your product, the launch plan, a marketing strategy and message.
Next, you now need to be you sure that your key messages and brand truly resonate across all markets.
Jonckers use translation and transcreation, across all your channels from social media, videos
through to web content (including directly from Tridion),
so that your brand relates to all of your global clients on all platforms.

Struggling with video translation?

Learn from the best. See how Adobe translates 1000’s of videos per year…

When should marketers use transcreation or translation?

Transcreation is content service which looks at the local market, contextual and cultural elements of brand and ensure that the message isn’t just translated, but can be understood and loved by the local audience. It ensures that your choice of words respectfully and culturally matches the audience’s needs. Transcreation is key for stronger elements of the brand such as straplines, logos, hashtags, twitter campaigns and SEO.

Translation can be used for high volume work such as web content, emails, training materials, literature and product documentation.

Translation can be sped up through use of Machine Translation with a Human Review. This means that locals of the translated language can see how the machine translation has been translated and they can post-edit the copy, until it sounds natural and like the brand it’s represented. WordsOnline, our in-house AI Platform, uses Neural Machine Translation, which learns with each translation. This ensures that the quality of the translated copy is improved with each and every post-edit.

Our Machine Translated Quality, also ensures that if we’ve translated a sentence for you in the past, this will be reused and the post-editing work is reduced. We use an extensive Terminology Management, which further ensures consistency in translation.

Our Marketing Translation Services include:

  • Global Brand Management
  • Website, e-commerce website and mobile website 
  • Transcreation
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Video Localization
  • Brand Research
  • Ad Campaign Support
  • Marketing collateral
  • Digital Campaign and email translation
  • When should marketers use Translation or Transcreation?
  • Global SEO & SEM translation (Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing)

How do marketing agencies translate for their clients?

Click below to discover the challenges of global marketing for a highly awaited global product. 

Managing your Global Brand

Your brand has personality, whether it’s friendly, informative or has sass, you’ve chosen it to stand out from the crowd and to communicate with your audience. When you’re reaching out to more international markets, you need your brand to be represented consistently and culturally adapted for each market.

Jonckers supports your quest to communicate your brand consistently to your target audiences, whether it’s attracting new prospects or developing customer advocates around the world.

Website / E-Commerce Site Localization

Some of our clients require millions of words to be translated every week. This volume of content is managed best in our cloud based AI platform called WordsOnline. This allows you to upload your translations and download them when they are quality checked and approved by us. Hereby, you to have one integrated system to manage all of your web content in one place. As your product descriptions and listings may be in the thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, and in many languages it’s easiest to manage all content translations in one platform using our Continuous Publishing model. Many streams of content can be translated and reviewed concurrently by our pre-selected and trained linguists. This allows us to deliver much faster than our competitors.

As we have fully integrated business intelligence into WordsOnline, we are able to provide you with continuous feedback on how each and every translation is developing, it’s speed of translation and anticipated deadline. Giving you control and a birds-eye view of all your translations in one dashboard, rather than trying to track and trace each email. This massively reduces you’re your administration and project management, allowing your to focus on creative and roll-out, rather than stressing about localisation. WordsOnline can integrate directly with your back-end platforms including (Content Management System or Website), e-commerce system, DAM (Digital Asset Management), PIM (Product Information Management) systems, Customer Service and Customer Portal putting you in control and efficiently managing all your multilingual content, irrespective of where the content is coming from or held.

Mobile Commerce and Mobile Websites

Nowadays, it is essential that your e-commerce system can create an exception mobile commerce experience.  With one-click purchase and mobile banking, customers are more willing to spend via their mobile, if the experience is clear, quick and easy.

As Jonckers have over 25 years of experience working with software giants such as Microsoft and Adobe, we are used to the requirements of responsive UI interfaces and limited character translation requirements.

Marketing Campaign Translation

Your marketing toolkit contains a plethora of communication and promotional assets. Creating lead generating or customer loyalty campaigns is part of your DNA, however, we’re here to ensure your full marketing and often digital campaign can have a much greater impact. We can ensure that you can communicate with your audience in multiple languages, so your can address your audience’s needs and desires.

All of the time invested in your marketing strategy, should be localized and reused in order to maximise the reach and effect of each and every campaign. Why re-write the perfect plan? Just ensure that it can reach a much wider audiences as they can search, consume and buy in their own language to optimise conversion rates.

Social Media Campaign Translation

We currently coordinate several Twitter Campaigns and other social media outreach for our clients. We understand the need for quick turnaround of translation and personality in the translated content, to allow you to drive your targeted profiles to your activities. We can work with all content whether it’s designed to drive brand awareness, create interest or develop your brand advocates.

Some clients require extremely fast turnarounds for their content. This is often clients who deliver customer service online, through chat or forums. Thankfully, once content is uploaded into our cloud, we can prioritise these requests and can have a quality checked, human review of posts within minutes.

Email Translation

We’re happy to work on your outbound and nurturing campaigns and integrate with your Marketing Automation tools, to ensure you can deliver relevant, consistent multi-touch, multi-lingual campaigns as frequently as you desire.

Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing (SEO/SEM)

Your web content needs to be optimised for optimum customer experience, yet also tailored to search engines, so that Google Snippets and contextual search can ensure that your visitors can find you above all your competitors. The agreed keywords, hashtags and translation memory settings will help ensure consistency and visibility of your communications to boost your rankings in all your chosen languages. The transcreation process of working with you to ensure your optimal choice of keywords and their usage, will ensure that you’re contextually relevant and searched for in your chosen languages. This in turn, will feed into your content and campaign strategy to generate more qualified in-bound leads and traffic.

Quality comes first

With all our work, quality is of paramount importance to our customers. We adhere to ISO 18587 as well as ISO 17100. We hold in high regard the quality of our delivered work as well as the quality of our relationships with our customers. We ensure pre-agreed communication loops as well as ongoing feedback to optimise our service and make our customers happy. See some quotes from our recent, anonymous customer survey:

Our Customers

Jonckers marketing customers understand the power of localized brand campaign messaging. Targeted, creative communications, localized to regional demographics, drive the best results for their businesses.

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