Turkish Translation Services

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Turkish Translation Services

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Accredited Language Experts

We have a network of Turkish translators that are all accredited language experts with the knowledge of the local influences of the languages so that you can communicate your message more effectively to your audience.

When you are addressing those who are native Turkish speakers, getting the cultural nuance can make all the difference between getting your message across correctly or confusing your audience with excessive information.

Systematic Approach

Our network of Turkish translators work on your content simultaneously, and this is made possible by our in-house translation platform called WordsOnline. We assign a group of translators to your work via a process of training, testing and certification.

We have developed algorithms that not only track the progress of the ongoing work but also perform quality assessments at every stage so that localised and accurate translated content is delivered to you. This program also has multiple neural machine translation engines (NMTs) in addition to the translators, so that the consistency of the content is maintained.

Translation and Localisation

Our translators do not rely on word-for-word translations, but also on business practices and expressions that are part of the Turkish world and include them in the translated content. This ensures that nothing is lost in translation and your message is delivered clearly.

At Jonkers, we leave no place for ambiguity when it comes to content. We have a wide range of clients; from the travel and tourism industry, e-learning, gaming, marketing to TV, films and more. We make sure that the translators assigned to you are familiar with your industry, and hence, our content prepared for the marketing industry will have different characteristics from that of content prepared for the TV and film industry.

Why you need professional translators

Turkish is spoken in the Middle East, Cyprus, parts of Europe and of course, in Turkey. The language has strong influences of Arabic and Parsi, owing to the fact that these languages are spoken in countries that border Turkey.

Another language you can recognise is French since a lot of words related to economy and finance are borrowed from there. During the 1920s, the language went under “purification”, in order to become a secular state and to associate with Europe.

And hence, a Turkish Language Association was created for the “purification” of the vocabulary. Interestingly, the words “kayaking”, “yoghurt” or “kiosks” are examples of Turkish words that have sneaked into the English language.

Turkish is a phonetic language and the alphabet contains 8 vowels and has 29 letters. So if you have learned to pronounce the alphabet properly, you shouldn’t have much trouble reading Turkish.

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Turkish Translation Services

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