Thai Translation Services

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Thai Translation Services

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Accredited Language Experts

Our Thai translation and localisation services follow the highest standards, meaning we use the services of the best Thai translators for your content.

We can vouch for their knowledge about your industry, the cultural nuances of the Thai language, so that it can be understood by a native Thai speaker, and the regions it is spoken in. As a result, our translated content will make sense to native speakers without the loss of tone and message.

Systematic Approach

We follow a process of assigning a translator or translators to your content and follow it rigorously. This technical and highly systemised 3-step process identifies the most suitable translators required to fulfil your needs. Every translator is first put through rigorous training and then tested and only then assigned to work on your content.

We understand that word-to-word translation can be literally provided by any run-of-the-mill agency, and know that a lot can be lost in the process. What makes us different is that we give a lot of importance to localisation while also keeping the industry and the region in focus. As a result, our translated content for travel and tourism will differ from translated content for the e-commerce industry. And this is what sets us apart.

Translation and Localisation

We have developed our own, in-house translation program called WordsOnline which has a number of in-built algorithms with the purpose of stringent quality checks. If you have a large volume of work, the work is split so that more than one translator can work on it simultaneously.

What the algorithm does is to check high-risk content to neutralise the threat of mistranslation and mistakes. This way, the quality is never compromised. Once the translation is done, it is delivered to you in real time.

Why you need professional translators

Thai is the most widely spoken language in Thailand, with about 50 million speakers worldwide; other countries include the United States, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates. It is also sometimes referred to as Siamese and is believed to have originated in an area that now is the China-Vietnam border, but the topic is often debated.

The language has been largely unchanged since the late 12th century, and even modern Thai readers can read SukoThai script. It has been influenced by Sanskrit, Pali and Indian scripts and incorporates words from the Mon and Khmer languages.

Like English, Thai is also an alphabetic language which means that each word can be pronounced independent of its meaning, but it is also tonal like Chinese, which means every word has a pitch characteristic and has to be spoken in order to be understood.

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Thai Translation Services

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