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Accredited Language Experts

Have you been looking for Tagalog translation services? Our Tagalog language experts are fluent in Tagalog, which means you are going to get far more than just word-to-word translations because that alone is simply not good enough for communication.

It is our job to make sure that our translations flow and make sense, without you having to reach out for certain expressions online. Our accurate translation and localisation services make sure that the best talent is allocated for your requirements.

Systematic Approach

At Jonkers, we are dedicated to providing the best Tagalog translations that our clients require regardless of the industry and ensure that they get the best that there is. And for this purpose, we have a 3-step training, testing and certification process that is specific to the content and the industry that it is required for.

And that is not enough; while this process is ongoing, our algorithms (designed in-house) monitor this progress while performing quality assessment tests to ensure that the content produced is in-line with the client’s requirements. Using this technology, we have translated for the travel and tourism industry, e-learning, gaming, marketing, TV, film and more.

Translation and Localisation

Localisation is important because the content needs to be understood by the native Tagalog speakers and strike a chord with them. Our translators are all accredited language experts in Tagalog and understand the regions it is spoken in, the common business etiquettes and most importantly, the people.

To maintain the credibility, accuracy and consistency of the translation, we also have WordsOnline, our in-house, online translation program. What it does is, that in case of a large volume of work, the software splits the workload, allowing many translators to work on it simultaneously. Before joining this program, all these translators are trained, tested and accredited so that the quality of the content is not compromised. You can even see their details online for complete transparency.

Why you need professional translators

One of the most spoken languages in the Philippines is Tagalog. It is spoken by more than 17 million people in the country and by a number of immigrant Philipinos. Like other Philipino languages, Tagalog is an Austronesian language that is the basis of the national language Philipino and is one of the largest Tagalog-speaking communities residing in the United States (it is the sixth-most spoken language there).

The language has drawn influences from both the English and Spanish languages, as well as Malay and Chinese and hence, contains many “loan” or borrowed words.

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Tagalog Translation Services

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