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Accredited Language Experts

Are you planning to expand your business in Slovakia? Or regions where Slovak is spoken? At Jonckers,  we provide the best localisation and translation services, with a network of translators who are best suited to work on your project. We have selected these translators based on their grasp of the Slovak language so that you can deliver the content in the correct context to the intended audience. Our accredited language experts in Slovak are well-versed with the cultural nuances and differences of the people and make sure the content is localized in such a way that it makes an impact.

Systematic Approach

We have a systematic way to assigning translators to your project, depending upon the industry you represent. Our process to select the best translators for your project is straightforward, we train, test and only then certify them. The process is designed to make certain that the translators are not only fluent in Slovak, but are also familiar with the culture of the region the content is meant for and the ability to implement this knowledge in the translation.

And in doing so, we make sure that every project is different from the last one and doesn’t fall under a “template”. Content from every segment, whether it is e-commerce, multimedia, television, gaming or tourism, is different.

We have developed WordsOnline — a tool —  which is capable of assigning more than one translator to a project, enabling us to deliver the content quicker than our competitors. But make no mistake, fast does not mean that we compromise on quality; that is our first priority. This translation platform neural machine translation engines (NMTs) which make sure the end product is consistent and all the high-risk content has gone through quality assessments. You can also keep track of the translation progress through a dashboard that has been designed for you. What’s more, is that you can see every translator’s details and ratings for complete confidence.

Translation and Localisation

We deliver beyond just a word-for-word translation of the content provided by you. The business etiquettes inherent in the Slovak language and the country or countries you want to communicate with are incorporated in the translation. The same holds true for cultural differences. The translated and localized content delivered by Jonckers leaves no space for ambiguity. It will make perfect sense to your audience, while maintaining the flow and tone you require.

Why you need professional translators

Spoken by over 5.5 million people, Slovak is a West Slavic language closely related to Polish, Sorbian and Czech and is the official language of Slovakia. And so Czechs and Slovaks can understand each other well enough. The second biggest language spoken in Slovakia is Hungarian. Apart from their native country, one can find Slovak speakers in Hungary, Germany, Canada, Croatia, Australia, the United States, the Czech Republic, Romania, Argentina, Serbia and many more countries. Slovak is often confused with Slovene, which is the main language of Slovenia.

Slovak has expanded over the years, thanks to influences from English, Latin, Hungarian and Czech. Slovakia has a language law that regulates the use of the language. Because of this law, the Slovak language has priority over any other language spoken in the country. A 2009 modification in the law allows officials to levy penalties that range from a 100-5,000 euros if the language is not used in the prescribed manner!

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