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Accredited Language Experts

Our 3-step process of assigning translators for your content is impeccable. We train, test and certify each translator to find out if they are suitable for your requirement, making sure that that not only they are familiar with your industry, but are also aware of the local nuances of your target region.

For example, our content prepared for the gaming industry will have different characteristics from that of content prepared for the travel and tourism industry. And this is where our translators are one step ahead of the curve because they are aware of this subtle difference. But there is more to it.

Systematic Approach

We have developed something called WordsOnline, our in-house translation program that allows multiple translators to work on your content simultaneously. As a result, our services are much more efficient than those of our competitors. In addition to the translators, this program also has multiple neural machine translation engines (NMTs) so that the consistency of the content is maintained.

Because we like to keep our solutions transparent, you can also check if the translators are qualified enough and can check the progress through a dashboard. The content is also constantly monitored for quality and goes through assessment checks as well.

Translation and Localisation

We deliver unparalleled translation and localisation services at Jonckers. We have a vast network of translators that work on the translation based on their expertise and knowledge on the Punjabi language and the nuances of the language.

At Jonckers, we understand that word-to-word translation just doesn’t cut it when it comes to communicating with people who are native speakers of Punjabi. This is because the content needs to be localized so that the target audience can relate to it to make a lasting impact.

Why you need professional translators

Punjabi is one of the 10 most spoken languages
in the world and is the official language of Punjab, a state in India.
The term itself is Persian, referring to the “five rivers” or the main
tributaries of the Indus river that defines the region, and is now
divided between India and Pakistan.

It is written in Gurmukhi,
which in turn is based on Devanagari, but it can also be written in
Shahmukhi, making it one of the few languages that can be written in
more than one script. In India, Punjabi is one of the 22 officially
recognized languages and is given recognition. Interestingly, in
Pakistan, Punjabi is the second-most spoken language but holds no
official status.

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Punjabi Translation Services

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