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Accredited Language Experts

At Jonckers, we have a specialized team of Norwegian translators who can provide their specialist translation and localisation services. Our vast experience in linguistic skills and industry-specific knowledge along with our flexible and accurate translation services makes us the No. 1 choice for several national and multinational organizations.

Our team of translators comprises mother-tongue linguists who can translate Norwegian from and to over 100 languages. Whichever sector be it gaming, e-learning, marketing, software, travel and tourism, retail and commerce or television and films, we have the expertise to provide natural translations of the highest quality. We will ensure that the Norwegian translator assigned to your project has direct experience and understanding of your specific sector.

Systematic Approach

At Jonckers, we follow a rigorous 3-step selection process in order to identify the right translators for your job. Every translator undergoes extensive training, testing, as well as certification before they are assigned to work on your content. This ensures that the linguist we provide for your job will provide the highest quality of work and exceed the quality standards.

We recognize the importance of the message you need to deliver to your global audience and we understand that it needs to be of the highest quality. To this end, we have our in-house platform, WordsOnline, which monitors the progress of the content that has been translated and also performs quality checks to ensure that the content delivered to you is of top-notch standard. The platform also ensures that you have a seamless experience along with a flexible and super-fast service.

Translation and Localisation

We understand the importance of delivering the correct message to your target audience in the Norwegian language and so we ensure that the translation delivered to you is not a word-to-word conversion of the content. In fact, the emphasis is laid on the localisation of the content, ensuring that it is in sync with both the industry, as well as your audience. The translations reflect the specific nuances and variations of the language to ensure that the right message is communicated.

Why you need professional translators

Norwegian is mainly spoken in Norway and is a North Germanic language. Essentially, there are 2 variations of the language – Bokmål, which is literally the “book language”, while Nynorsk, New Norwegian. Both these forms of the Norwegian language are spoken across the country; however, each form has its specific nuances.

Majority of the people in Norway speak Bokmål and around 85-90% of the Norwegians write in Bokmål, while Nynorsk is used by around 10-15% of the people. However, most of the dialects spoken in the country resemble Nynorsk closely. Government boards and local councils can choose any of the two forms of the language for the purpose of their official publications.

Our project managers are well versed in the Norwegian language and also the two forms, Bokmål and Nynorsk. You can depend on our managers who will be able to assist you in determining which is the best form of language to use in a particular situation and also provide their advice and support before the translation project, while the project is going on and even after its completion.

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