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Accredited Language Experts

Our network of accredited language experts and native Mandarin speakers will translate your content keeping all of these factors in mind. To ensure that the translators working on your content are best suited to work on it, we implement a process involving training, texting and certification of each translator.

This allows us to identify translators that are not only experts in Mandarin, but also have extensive knowledge of the culture of the place the communication is meant for and the industry segment your business is in. In addition, we have developed algorithms to track the work-in-progress and perform multiple quality assessment tests at every stage to deliver accurate and localized translated content. Our network of translators are equipped to work on content across industry segments such as gaming, e-Learning, eCommerce, tourism, multimedia, television and others.

Systematic Approach

At Jonckers, we have an intuitive yet highly systematic approach towards delivering the best translation and localisation services to you. A group of professional translators are assigned to work on your content through a rigorous process of training, testing and certification. It ensures that each translator working on your content is an Arabic language expert, possesses the knowhow required to localize the content for the specific set of Mandarin speakers you want to reach and has extensive knowledge of your industry and content requirements for your industry.

Multiple translators work on the content simultaneously, which allows us to deliver the translated content quicker than any other service provider. Our in-house translation platform ensures that consistency of the translation is maintained via neural machine translation (NMT) engines. You will also be given access to an easy-to-use online dashboard to keep keep track of the progress made. 

The entire process is completely transparent to foster trust.

Translation and Localisation

We deliver the highest standard of Mandarin translation and localisation services. At Jonckers, we understand how important it is to ensure that the correct message is communicated to your audience in their native language. It means that a simple word-for-word translation isn’t enough. The translated content needs to be localized to reflect the cultural nuances of the people. It doesn’t end with the cultural difference either. The business etiquettes and best practices need to be incorporated in the translation as well to effectively reach out to the audience.

Why you need professional translators

Mandarin translation can be tricky, because of the numerous dialects and the significant cultural differences between the western world and China. However, our network of translators eliminate chance and doubt and deliver translated content that perfectly communicates to your audience, while preserving the flow of language and tonal quality of the original content.

Mandarin is by far the most widely spoken variety of Chinese. It’s one of the ten distinct dialect groups that make up Chinese language. Within the Mandarin dialect group there are several dialects such as Beijing dialect, Pekinese, Sichuanese and Standard Chinese, which is the official language of China, Taiwan and one of the four official languages of Singapore. 

An estimated 70% of Chinese speakers in China and around the world speak Mandarin. In China, Mandarin is the predominant language in the northern and southwestern part of the country, while Cantonese is more prevalent in the south and southeastern part of the country. If you need a thorough Cantonese technical translation agency, speak to our team at Jonckers today. 

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