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Accredited Language Experts

We provide the best Greek localization and translation services for your content. They follow the most impeccable standards, which means that you can be sure they are not only experts in the Greek language but are also familiar with your industry. We are aware of the fact that translating the content just word-for-word wouldn’t do any good if the goal is to communicate with native Greek speakers. The goal here is to convey your message accurately.

Systematic Approach

We make sure that the right talent is allocated to your content. How do we do that? Well, we follow a rigorous 3-step process that is designed to identify the most suitable translator for your specific content. Every translator that is selected for the project has to go through training which is followed by stringent testing and only then they are certified to work on your content.

Our unique translation platform called WordsOnline is designed so that more than one translator can work on your project at the same time. This algorithm keeps an eye on high-risk content (content that could be mistranslated) and runs it through quality assessment checks. 

To make sure that it remains consistent, the translation happens in real-time. The workload is accessed and split between translators, and they make sure that the quality of the translation is maintained. You have access to a personal dashboard where you can track the progress of the translation.

Translation and Localisation

At Jonckers, our translated content reflects the cultural nuances that also take into consideration the region and the business. And so, our translations are not of the garden variety; each translated document will be business specific, meaning our content for the TV and film industry would be different from that of the tourism and travel industry.

Why you need professional translators

The Greek language, primarily spoken in Greece has been around for approximately 34 centuries, making it the oldest of Indo-European languages. It is also among the oldest of languages that are still in existence and is spoken by approximately 12 million people. 

Apart from Greece, it is also spoken in Hungary, Romania, Turkey, Australia, Cyprus, Italy and Albania and is recognized as a minority language in some of these countries. In the past, the Greek alphabet has been used for Turkish, Hebrew, Urum, Gaulish Phrygian, Gagauz and other languages, but now it is only used to write Greek.

The Greek literature holds a very special place in history with poems such as Odyssey and Iliad and has been the basis of many a writing style. We bet you didn’t know that most words that start with “ph”, such as “physics”, “photo”, “phoneme”, “philanthropy” or “philosophy” are rooted in Greek. And so, it is widely believed that learning to speak Greek is not that difficult. Interestingly, Greek was also the first-ever language to use vowels. When you say the word “alphabet” you are actually using the first two letters of the Greek alphabet, that is alpha and beta. The longest word ever to appear in literature happens to be Greek, with an amazing 173 letters!

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Greek Translation Services

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