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Accredited Language Experts

Have you been looking for German translation services? Our German language experts are fluent in the language. We, at Jonckers, understand that just word-to-word translations alone are simply not good enough for communication. So, we take it upon ourselves to make sure that our translations flow and make sense.

Systematic Approach

We are dedicated to providing the best German translations that our clients require regardless of their industry. We have a stringent 3-step training, testing and certification process that is specific to the industry that it is intended for. We have WordsOnline, our in-house, online translation program, to maintain the credibility and accuracy of our translations.

It has built-in algorithms that monitor the translation process while performing quality assessment tests to ensure that the content produced is in-line with the client’s requirements.

Translation and Localisation

Our translation and localisation services ensure that the best talent is allocated for your requirements. In order to be understood by native German speakers and strike a chord with them, localisation of the content is important. Our translators are all accredited language experts in German and understand the common business etiquettes, the people and the regions it is spoken in.

Why you need professional translators

Our clients range from the travel and tourism industry, e-learning,
gaming, marketing, TV, film and more. We make sure that the translators
assigned to you are familiar with your industry, and hence, our content
prepared for the gaming industry, for instance, will have different
characteristics from that of the content prepared for the TV and film

The German language is not only the official language of Germany, but of Austria as well, and is one of the 3 official languages of Switzerland.

than 100 million people speak it, and it is considered one of the main
cultural languages of the world, also, it is the most commonly taught
language in the world after French and English. This is probably owing
to the fact that pronouncing German is not very difficult.

of the German language can be traced back to 1st century B.C.., and the
German of today is very different from what it used to be. Like English,
German uses Roman characters, and also like English, both languages
share similar vocabularies.

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