French Translation Services

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French Translation Services

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Accredited Language Experts

At Jonckers, we promise you the highest standard of French translation and localisation services. We understand how important it is to make sure that the right message is communicated to your audience in their native language.

This leaves no doubt that a simple word-for-word translation simply is not enough. To reflect the cultural nuances of the region and the people, the translated content needs to be localised. It doesn’t end with the cultural differences either. Getting the cultural nuance right can make all the difference between getting your message across correctly or confusing your audience with excessive information – we understand this on a high level.

Systematic Approach

Our network of French translators work on your content in tandem, thanks to our in-house translation platform called WordsOnline. A group of translators are assigned to your work through a process of training, testing and certification.

The program’s algorithms not only track the progress of the ongoing work, but also perform quality assessments at every stage to deliver localised and accurate translated content to you. This program is equipped with multiple neural machine translation engines (NMTs) in addition to the translators so that the content’s consistency is maintained.

Translation and Localisation

We leave no place for ambiguity when it comes to content. Our wide range of clients range from the e-learning industry, gaming, marketing, TV, films to the travel and tourism industry and more.

Before the translation starts, we make sure that the translators assigned to you are familiar with your industry, and hence, our content prepared for the e-learning industry will have different characteristics from that of content prepared for the TV and film industry.

Why you need professional translators

Widely used in international communications, French is the official language not only for France but also in parts of Canada, Monaco, parts of South-East Asia, Lebanon, West and North Africa, former French colonies and even parts of Switzerland and Belgium.

It also holds the distinction of one of the 6 official languages chosen by the United Nations apart from being one of the “most beautiful languages in the world”. With more than 300 million speakers of the language, there is little wonder that it is the second-most learned foreign language.

Interestingly, French wasn’t always spoken in France, as the people spoke Latin in the Iron Ages. While “E” is the most commonly used alphabet in the language, the alphabet “W” only appears in foreign words. And, of course, it has invaded English as well; there are many French words in English that we commonly use without realising their origin, such as “depot”, “silhouette”, “brunette” and “R.S.V.P.” (répondez s’il vous plaît — translated to “please respond”).

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French Translation Services

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