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Accredited Language Experts

Our English translation and localisation services follow the highest standards. This simply means that we use the services of the best English translators for the content you provide. We are confident about their knowledge of the cultural nuances of the English language so that it could be understood by a native English speaker, the industry you come from and the regions it is spoken in.

As a result, native speakers of English would be able to make sense of our translation without the loss of tone and message. We understand that word-to-word translation is just not enough when it comes to communicating with people who are native speakers of English. The content needs to be localized for the audience to relate to it and make a lasting impact.

Systematic Approach

We assign translators to your content using a 3-step process. We undertake the training, testing and certifying of each and every translator so that only the most suitable ones are picked for your requirement.

We also make sure that they are familiar with the local nuances of the target region and your industry. Our content prepared for the retail and e-commerce industry will have different characteristics from that of content prepared for the travel and tourism industry.

WordsOnline, our in-house translation program allows multiple translators to work on your content at the same time. So, naturally, this makes us more efficient than our competition. To further foolproof the process, WordsOnline has multiple neural machine translation engines (NMTs) to maintain the consistency of the content.

The algorithm also checks high-risk content to neutralize the threat of mistakes and mistranslation, hence, maintaining the quality of the content. The content is delivered to you in real time as and when it gets done.

Translation and Localisation

We deliver beyond just a word-for-word translation of the content provided by you. The business etiquettes inherent in the English language and the country or countries you want to communicate with are incorporated in the translation. The same holds true for cultural differences. The translated and localized content delivered by Jonckers leaves no space for ambiguity. It will make perfect sense to your audience, while maintaining the flow and tone you require.

Why you need professional translators

English is spoken widely around the world, and it is no surprise that more than 2 billion people speak it. Some countries where it is dominant are the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand and a number of island nations in the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

Many other countries that have it as its official language include many countries in Africa, India, Singapore and the Philippines. It was derived from a language now called the Proto-Indo-European language that was spoken by nomads around 5,000 years ago.

The modern English language is always adopting words from various languages and is hence quite malleable. Some articles suggest that because of this ever-evolving nature, English may have as many as a quarter of a million words!


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English Translation Services

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