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Accredited Language Experts

At Jonckers, we proudly deliver consistent and accurate translation and localisation services. We have a network of translators who are highly skilled and trained and have been curated on the basis of their knowledge expertise in the Danish language, as well as their ability to read the nuances of that particular region.

These translators know that a word-to-word translation is never enough and can often lead to confusion or misinformation, and can have a negative impact on a business. And it is certainly not good enough to only communicate with native Danish speakers. This is the main reason we pay a lot of attention to localizing the content to make a positive impact.

Systematic Approach

We have a 3-step process to assign translators to your project at Jonckers. To determine their suitability to work on your content, each translator goes through a stringent process of training, testing and certification.

These translators have an in-depth knowledge of your industry, are also well-equipped to identify the cultural nuances of the region. That would be apparent from the fact that our content meant for a travel and tourism marketplace will have different characteristics from content meant for a gaming website. Our translators are ahead of the curve because they are aware of the subtle differences that should be reflected in the translated content.

We have an in-house translation platform that performs several quality assessment checks to deliver translated content of the highest standard and monitors the progress of the translated content. In order to maintain the consistency of the translation, the program also has multiple neural machine translation engines (NMTs) in addition to the translators.

Translation and Localisation

We deliver beyond just a word-for-word translation of the content provided by you. The business etiquettes inherent in the Danish language and the country or countries you want to communicate with are incorporated in the translation. The same holds true for cultural differences. The translated and localized content delivered by Jonckers leaves no space for ambiguity. It will make perfect sense to your audience, while maintaining the flow and tone you require.

Why you need professional translators

Spoken by approximately 6 million people around the world, Danish is the official language of Denmark and is one of the 5 Scandinavian languages (the others being Swedish, Icelandic, Norwegian and Faroese). You may be surprised to know that some popular children’s literature, such as The Emperor’s New Clothes and the Ugly Duckling were originally written in Danish.

Interesting, if someone speaks Danish, they can also understand Norwegian and Swedish because they have all been derived from Old Norse. Danish uses the same alphabet as English, with the difference of 3 extra vowels, which can be pronounced in as many as 16 different ways!

There are quite a few (over 600) Danish words that the English language has adopted, some being fog, rift, skulk, knife, take, ill and drip, to give you a few examples.

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Danish Translation Services

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