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Accredited Language Experts

If you are planning to expand your business interests to the Czech Republic or regions where Czech is spoken, you will have to localize and translate your communication to reach out to the local audience.

At Jonckers, we have a great network of Czech translators who are suitable for the job. Our Czech translators understand the region and the cultural nuances of the language so our translated content will make sense to the native speakers without danger of the message getting lost. We maintain the tone and message within the translation so you can be confident about getting your message across without embarrassment.

Systematic Approach

We have curated a network of Czech translators, and this collective knowledge and experience is utilized effectively when we assign multiple translators to your work simultaneously. To assist in this task, we have developed our own, in-house translation program, WordsOnline.

This program has a number of in-built algorithms that perform stringent quality checks for the maintenance of quality and standard. The algorithm checks high-risk content in order to neutralize the danger of mistranslation and mistakes.

This program has multiple neural machine translation engines (NMTs) to maintain the consistency of the content. Once the translation is done, it is delivered to you in real-time without compromising on quality.

Translation and Localisation

Our translators are experienced in translating content regardless of the industry, be it retail and e-commerce, multimedia, travel and tourism, marketing or software content. Also, each translator is trained, tested and certified to make sure they are suitable for your requirements. As a result, our content prepared for the e-commerce industry will have different characteristics from that of content prepared for the multimedia industry.

Why you need professional translators

is the official language of the Czech Republic and is spoken by
approximately 11 million people, and is recognized as a minority
language in Slovakia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, Austria and Serbia.

was similar to Slovak, to the point that some people believe they were
derived from the same language, but it is not the case since
Czechoslovakia broke up in 1993. It is in some ways similar to Polish
and Russian and also has had influences of German and Latin.

If you are a native English speaker, you will be surprised to find that
some Czech words have also sneaked into the common language, such as
“polka”, “robot”, “dollar” and “pistol”, to give you a few examples.
However, the U.S.. Defense Language Institute has stated that Czech
is one of the hardest languages in the world!

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