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Why localization is important to your global go-to-market strategy

Why localization is important to your global go-to-market strategy

A successful go-to-market (GTM) strategy needs more than a good product and market data. See how localization can become a critical point in your GTM global strategy.

Regardless of whether you are launching a brand-new product or expanding your regions, a good and successful strategy is what gives companies an edge over the competitors, and at the same time, a way to predict and control costs and investments. Most companies rely on six questions, who, what, why, where, when and how, to create their go-to-market strategies and achieve success, focusing on gathering data to answer them, but end up forgetting the most important part of a successful global strategy: Localization is paramount as your message must resonate with all stakeholders.

Contrary to the common perception that the “message” is only part of the localization part in marketing of the global strategy when translating content, it is present in all steps and is about the understanding of your audience, your company and your product or service.

Let’s see briefly what the messages are in all questions:

As you can see, all processes have their fair share of understanding the messages received and making oneself clear, and when this part is not addressed correctly, it can cause problems both internally and externally.

Global localization

Due to so many moving parts in a global company, the clarity of the message is not always given adequate consideration when planning a go-to-market strategy. For an internal communication strategy, if the source message and therefore, the localization are unclear, your global workforce might not understand correctly what the main objective is, thereby wasting efforts, time, and money in unnecessary efforts and processes. As for external communication issues, in addition to a less effective marketing campaign, you might not connect with your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) or regional idiosyncrasies and therefore, waste important resources trying to see what fits better in each market.

To solve this almost unseen issue in your global go-to-market strategy and achieve success, the language and culture barriers must be understood and leveraged in localization. In this way, your global stakeholders will know exactly what each ICP and region requires, and your company will have a clear view of all data and research collected for a successful launch.

We would advise finding a good language service provider (LSP) for your localization needs. Be aware that starting with a new LSP can take a long time to set up the most optimized processes and guidelines for linguists to deliver your optimal quality. Once established however, if the LSP uses a good customer success department with intelligent automation processes and has a good rapport and feedback with linguists, bottlenecks in delivery can be reduced and quality improved.

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Jonckers can offer your company a streamlined process by leveraging the power intelligent workflows, AI and the experience of our expert linguists and professionals. We help you can achieve success and have optimal localization of your go-to-market strategy in a fast and inexpensive way.

We offer per project and subscription models, as well as having a customized enterprise offering, so it is also easy to keep everything within the budget, by investing only what is really needed. Contact us for more information and to see how we can help you localize your global go-to-market materials and achieve your global ambitions, faster.

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