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We offer our own AI-powered platform WordsOnline,
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with human expertise
to provide our enterprise customers with
fast turnaround language services at optimal quality.

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Are you looking for flexible, remote work, which allows you to make use of your bilingualism or language skills?

Join our Global Linguistic Community online and train to become a Post Editor with us! With the opportunity to work from home and fit work around your studies or busy life, Jonckers offers an online work environment with excellent career opportunities and benefits. We attract some of the most talented and dedicated people in the industry, and a client list that includes some of the world’s best known companies.


Why work for our global Linguistic Community?

Our cloud-based WordsOnline platform allows you to work from wherever you have a wifi connection. Unlike traditional post-editing work, which sends you huge documents to review, with inherent strict deadlines, WordsOnline splits the project into small, manageable sections. This means you can claim smaller sections of work, as and when you are ready. The flexible workload means you can increase the volume of words you review, when you want to. The words have already been translated into your native language using AI and they incorporate the client’s unique style and terminology. Your role is to read through (post-edit) and add the human voice to the work.

We want you to feel respected and treated like a professional. As such, our online platform simplifies administration and even automatically creates invoices for you, based on the volume of words you translate. Unlike other translation companies we provide a free, three-step training and also free access to our TMS software (the editing and translation environment). We have automated quality checks built into our WordsOnline platform, which means that our reviewers are able to give you instant training and feedback. This will help you to develop quickly in your role and increase your productivity.

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We are looking for more enthusiastic people to join us, with one of the following language skills:

We are continually growing our linguistic community. Linguists can apply to work for us here and feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

If you are fluent in other languages that aren’t listed here, or are a professional copy editor or translator, please register too and we’ll keep you up to date if we can help you!

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What's new?

Gaming software translation

Games being a globalized industry means that the game itself now has to be global – and that requires localization services. Gaming localization and translation is a key part of that. It’s not just a case of making sure that the menus and the instructions are in a local language anymore – it is about localizing the whole game in concepts that make sense to the host audience. That includes subtitling or, for big-budget titles, dubbing and voice-overs and a whole new audio production assignment. It includes translating game instructions and ideas in ways that users will respond to - a meeting of the mid-point between translation and game design. Localization also includes marketing for the game as well, ensuring it is brought in front of the audience in a way that is relevant to them. These are all part of what Jonckers can provide for gaming localization services.

MediaPro Case Study

MediaPRO relies on JONCKERS to Localize their award-winning online training. MediaPRO is specialized in developing customized security and privacy training solutions for third party companies. They understand the importance of localizing their videos to reach a wider audience and keep learners engaged with their material. Different customers present MediaPRO with different challenges. From diverse language requirements to varying wordcount volumes and unexpected releases, each project can be a new world to conquer. As MediaPRO’s trusted localization provider, Jonckers is always prepared with a flexible, ready-to-work and specialized pool of pre-certified linguists in multiple language combinations. Jonckers successfully meets all their linguistic needs to make MediaPRO’s work easier.

Adobe Translate

Adobe’s Global Program Managers approached Jonckers to see how they could work together to deliver a localized experience for their customers. The requirements were to continuously and cost-effectively deliver an ambitiously high volume of videos with subtitles and voiceovers. Download the case study to discover how Jonckers were able to deliver over 8,000 localized videos (with voiceovers), within 18 months.

Linguist at Jonckers

Language Analysts, Lucia from Žilina, Slovakia. explains the role of a language analyst at JONCKERS. "There are 6 of us, each dedicated to several accounts, providing assistance to production teams, contributing to language quality and process, being the main point of contact for any quality issues, acting as linguistic contact between JONCKERS and respective clients and much more."

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