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Jonckers Develops Connector To Tridion Sites To Facilitate The Continuous Localization Of Multilingual Web Content

Brussels, March 2022, Press Release
Jonckers is proud to announce the development of a connector between our AI-powered translation platform, WordsOnline, and the popular web content management system (CMS), Tridion Sites. This connector allows Jonckers customers to send the web content they need translating directly from their Tridion interface to WordsOnline, so we can start translating immediately.

Jonckers Develops Connector To Tridion

The Jonckers technical development team worked tirelessly throughout 2021 to build this connector in order to offer the ultimate, fully-automated, fully-integrated localization experience.

So how does it work?

The connector automatically leverages Tridion users’ blueprinting, so the whole localization process is seamless. Tridion Sites allows you to manage your multilingual website with ease –  the WordsOnline connector then allows you to translate that web content with ease. There’s no need to be fluent in all the languages your website uses!

What Tridion Users Gain from the Connector to WordsOnline?

WordsOnline presents a scalable localization solution as we can easily adapt to a fluctuating volume of translation projects. We can also increase the number of languages we need to cover thanks to our global network of professional linguists.

The automated workflow cuts down on both the costs and time spent on project management – there’s no need for constant emails back-and-forth discussing translation packages!

Companies that work with their own in-house translators can benefit from the connector too, as Jonckers’ processes mean we can integrate your teams into WordsOnline. Whenever you want to give feedback, it’ll be sent directly to Jonckers’ translators so that we can make sure our quality keeps improving with every request and project.

The WordsOnline-Tridion connector gives Jonckers customers the freedom to choose the services they want, define their localization needs, and negotiate more competitive localization options, all while empowering their processes by automating all time-consuming manual steps.

Jonckers is committed to listening to the needs of our customers and developing innovative solutions to meet their translation and localization requirements. We are excited to continue to grow alongside our customers as they enter more markets worldwide!


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