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Jonckers is Gold Sponsor at LavaCon Content Strategy Conference

Jonckers is sponsoring content strategy conference, LavaCon, in New Orleans this October

Jonckers, a global leader in language platform technology and multilingual solutions, is a Gold Sponsor of the LavaCon Content Strategy Conference in New Orleans. A team will be in attendance at the event from October 23rd to 26th.

Jason Beach, VP of Sales US, said: “I’m really looking forward to representing Jonckers at LavaCon this year. Teams that manage content are constantly struggling to do more with less, especially when it comes to publishing their content globally. Looking at the stellar list of speakers and exhibitors, I’m sure we’ll gain some terrific insights into the past, present and future of content marketing, and I’m excited for the opportunity to share our expertise on the localization of content too.”

Jonckers aims to solve the challenges often faced by professionals who handle global content, helping them to automate and streamline their localization workflows, create efficiencies, and increase productivity overall. Jonckers has shifted away from the traditional step-by-step localization process and has instead implemented continuous localization: multiple streams of content can be translated, reviewed and undergo quality assurance simultaneously. This allows content professionals to receive their translations back five times faster on average, enabling them to publish their localized content quicker. Instead of worrying about complex localization workflows, professionals can focus instead on what’s important to them: developing and distributing all of their content across all channels.

Content Localization

LavaCon is an annual conference on content strategy, bringing together professionals from fields such as marketing, technical publication, learning and development, and more, to discuss content marketing and technologies, and to learn about recent news and developments in the field. Speaking at the event this year will be professionals from global organizations such as Adobe, Mozilla, Netflix, and Google.

Attendees can get $100 off on conference tuition using the code #Jonckers. This is the equivalent of a free pre- or post-conference workshop.

Jonckers helps organizations distribute their content to audiences in all markets and languages through innovative localization solutions. In 2016, Jonckers launched WordsOnline, a cloud-based translation platform which combines neural machine translation with post-editing by human linguists to offer speed, quality, and cost-savings for companies going global. WordsOnline offers an end-to-end solution to content professionals, providing a platform for users to upload their files, track the progress, and receive the completed translations all in one place.


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