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Introducing Jonckers’ New Website

The Jonckers corporate website has got a fresh new look.

We are proud to announce the launch of our new company website, jonckers.com!

There had been discussions building for some time regarding a possible redesign of the Jonckers website, with the feeling that our original website outdated and text heavy. Work finally began on the redesign at the end of 2021. We wanted our new website to be fun, user-friendly, and modern, but keep the Jonckers message at its core: AI-powered translations with a human touch.

We worked with the brilliant team at Digitum Agency from Ukraine to create an exciting digital experience that puts our customer at the forefront.  Instead of focusing on ourselves, our strengths, and our work, we wanted to focus on our customers, putting their challenges, their needs, and their experience first. We wanted to take a customer-centric approach, making it clear to prospective customers that we understand what their needs and challenges are, and build trust that we can provide the right solution to these problems.

Not only did we want to put our customers at the forefront, but we also needed the new website to meet the requirements for our marketing, branding, sales, and recruitment teams. We had to balance search engine optimization without being too jargon-heavy when talking about our technology-based approach to translation, and create a web experience that is equally as navigable for prospective customers as it is for prospective recruits. It was a challenge to balance all of these different interests, but with the help of Digitum we managed to pull it off!

Digitum used their expertise to design a user-friendly website with easy navigation and added interactive elements which further solidified our technology focus. Naturally, when Russia invaded Ukraine in January of 2022 this caused major disruption for the entire Digitum team, who had to relocate themselves quickly and safely. One of the project managers and her family actually ended up moving in with our very own Global Marketing Director, Nicola Meinders!

As with every major website design, there have been some obstacles and road bumps along the way, but we are delighted with the final result: a website that puts the customer first, highlights their needs and challenges, and explains how our services solve these problems, all within an intuitive user experience that is modern and easy to use.

We hope you enjoy having a scroll around the brand new and improved jonckers.com!


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