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Marketers Rule The World! How To Take Your Business Global – Quickly, Easily, and Efficiently

Marketing is a global industry – but being a global marketer is an altogether different challenge.

At its core, marketing is all about communications. How do you present your ideas? How do you present your service, your product? How do you get customers interested in it, engaged, curious?

Communicate your brand effectively, and you’ll get conversions, increased sales, increased revenue, and more growth. If you’re communicating your brand ineffectively, then that’s fewer conversions, fewer sales, less growth.

But with an uncertain economic outlook, a pandemic, and a recession, marketers are under more pressure than ever. Marketing budgets have been slashed by record amounts, and even the best in the industry are feeling the pressure to do more with less.

Engaging consistently with a mass audience on a smaller budget is a top priority for a lot of marketers, particularly those who work with international brands. Finding ways to engage with Spanish customers at the same time as Japanese customers is always going to be a challenge – but even more so when there are fewer resources to do it with.


Certainly for international brands, one of the primary challenges is the cost of translation; the long work hours and manual nature of translation and localization – not to mention the highly-skilled nature of the work – has long meant that the cost represented a significant overhead for many companies. Without effective translation across all the target market languages, it’s simply impossible to market a product or service effectively – so what do you do if the budgets are squeezed?

That’s where automation comes in. What if you could automate your translation projects, building the groundwork for scalable, multi-channel marketing campaigns that cut across international borders? What if you could automate translation without having to worry about clunky mistakes made famous by unchecked Google Translate attempts?

That’s where Jonckers comes in. Our award-winning translation service, WordsOnline, uses AI-powered machine learning techniques to automate major translation projects, with a human editor at the end of the process to make sure that any final translations are correct and have that all-important ‘human touch’. The human expertise remains, but the time-consuming process of manually translating every word is gone. Not only that, but the cloud-enabled process also learns from any adjustments made by the translator, making future translations more efficient.

WordsOnline makes the challenge of building an international marketing campaign simpler by automating the translation element of your overall workflows, and WordsOnline can handle all types of documentation.

What content should marketer’s translate? 

For one international marketing agency we translate online content, customer communications as well as fully translating all the materials to be retail-ready e.g. websites, in-store banners, SKU choosers, posters, standing banners, large-sized prints, etc., plus the materials used by retailers to sell the products e.g. telesales guides, pitch decks, and fact sheets. We localize all packaging content that later goes to print, as well as the subtitles and on-screen text on the product trailers. And, of course, we localize all the ad hoc documentation such as presentations, webinars, apps, workshops, etc.

How else can we help you to have simpler, quicker, and more efficient marketing process?

When you onboard, we create glossaries to help our global linguistic communities better understand your business, your branding and messaging. 

This means your brand voice adapts to a new target language, remaining consistent across multiple contexts, but in a way that’s appropriate and tangible to your new customers.

Put it this way; if you’re a luxury brand expanding into French-language territories, we’re not going to give you a French-language translation that targets cheap-and-cheerful messaging.

Our in-house desktop publishing and engineering teams are also on hand to make sure that these localizations will be formatted in a way that’s applicable to your style across borders, whether it’s video subtitling, PDFs or JPEGs.

Jonckers launches subscription and Order now

Chatbots are increasingly popular for many businesses looking to optimize their customer service helpdesks, especially with their capacity for near-automatic responses. In most cases, they interpret a customer’s assistance request with word classification techniques, which they then respond to with a bank of pre-generated responses. But if a customer’s request is not fulfilled through the pre-generated answers, then the next step is usually a human virtual assistant. And a lot of customers prefer to speak to a real person on the other side rather than an AI-generated response.

So what if a customer is not comfortable asking questions in, say, English? An AI-generated chatbot, with pre-generated answers, is simple enough to build with the right translation tools. But stepping up to the human assistance side is trickier. If your customer is uncomfortable in English, then they are limited in their queries – similarly, your employee is limited by their linguistic capabilities.

Again, WordsOnline to the rescue. Thanks to its capacity to provide real-time translations, effective and efficient processes are possible, even in the midst of a customer conversation. We have found that applying the WordsOnline process to a chat situation and adapting to both workflows allows for human-quality translation. And with Jonckers’ team of linguistic specialists placed all over the world, that capacity can be 24/7.

Jonckers processes customer portal queries every month for one multinational customer. As our WordsOnline workflow is streamlined, it can take 3 minutes between the document being uploaded on WordsOnline and delivering the translated answer (including human review)!

WordsOnline is a cost-effective solution that allows you to grow your business worldwide, by providing customer support in multiple languages – without having to train and construct multiple customer support teams across multiple languages.

Go global faster with Jonckers. Upload your translation requests now on WordsOnline.com, or, if you translate regularly, take a look at our subscription model and simplify your translation workflows even further. Imagine the utopia of having one approval request for your year-long marketing budget…

If you’re having trouble with preparing your marketing (localization) budget, talk to us to see how we can keep your markets growing, whilst staying in budget.


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