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Jonckers launches Subscription and Order Now models to meet the accelerated demand for easier and faster global marketing translation

Jonckers, a global leader in language platform technology and multilingual solutions, announced that it is responding to accelerated demand in global online marketing through the launch of a Translation Subscription and an Order Now Translation service.

Nicola Meinders, Jonckers VP Marketing says: “Marketers are increasingly communicating in their customer’s native language to increase online sales, enter new markets and strengthen their brand internationally. Jonckers responded to this need for easier, faster, and high-quality translations through a unique Translation Subscription service. Our subscription plans offer structured, secure and continuous delivery of high-quality translation. The different subscription levels accommodate different budgets and are scalable to include any volume of words”.

WordsOnline makes it easy to put the customer content needs first. Whether customers require a one-off translation or a high-volume translation, Jonckers has the right solution! Jonckers CEO, Silke Zschweigert states: “Our revolutionary Translation Subscription model gives enterprises access to our AI-powered translation platform, which enables hassle-free and cost-effective access to translation.  It allows any size enterprise to upload and manage their translations in a trusted, secure and transparent way.“

Customers with ad-hoc requirements can use the Order Now service whenever needed. They receive their own account and can order on a pay-as-you-go basis. Customers with regular translation work can subscribe on a monthly or yearly basis. The discounted credits on your account allow you to order translations of any type during the month and it includes free Machine Translation credits. In peak times, the customer can top-up their credits whenever needed. Online dashboards ensure complete transparency and give relevant insights at all times.

Both the subscription model and Order Now offer a faster and easy translation process. Marketers and content owners can upload their translations, relax and repeat… giving global marketers peace of mind, scalability, and control time after time.

Jonckers accelerates market adoption of ordering translations online through Order Now – with an initial 10% discount!

Jonckers brings the full omnichannel experience into an age of unprecedented online eCommerce growth. Their technology assures delivery of the ensuing requirements for continuous publishing at scale with WordsOnline.

Contact Nicola Meinders – marketing@jonckers.com

About Jonckers and WordsOnline 

  • Jonckers was established in 1994 as a privately owned language services provider
  • In 2015 the company developed a cloud-based AI platform called WordsOnline, created to reduce cost and translate big volumes, within a small timeframe.
  • Jonckers has a curated, trained and managed multilingual community that can scale in size, domain knowledge and skills. It deploys these resources to support companies that are going global or require multilingual expertise in developing AI solutions or data processing/analytics.


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