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Amazon Case Study

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Jonckers worked with Amazon to translate millions of words using their in-house AI translation platform, WordsOnline. They not only translated content for Amazon sites but also helped improve product descriptions from sellers for better translation into different languages.

Jonckers supported Amazon’s continuous publishing strategy and helped them enter new markets faster and more efficiently. As a global technology company focused on eCommerce, Amazon faces challenges in product localization and accessibility to global customers.

Jonckers is proud to be one of Amazon’s trusted localization providers, having translated over 600 million words for the eCommerce alone.

The Challenge

Jonckers faced several challenges while working with Amazon, including the high volume of translations required and the limitations of the traditional translation process. It was difficult to find enough high-quality translators and coordinate the prompt completion of their work.

Moreover, sending translations to different people with different standards made it time-consuming to evaluate the quality of the work received, leaving virtually no time to re-allocate any substandard content or re-assign non-delivered sections. It became clear that managing this volume of content using the traditional translation workflow would not work. As a result, Jonckers had to approach the task of translation differently to meet Amazon’s needs.

Key Points

  1. Quality: Jonckers ensured high-quality translations for Amazon using their AI translation platform, WordsOnline, to safeguard their reputation and drive customer loyalty.
  2. Cost control: Jonckers used WordsOnline to manage large translation projects with a large pool of linguists, ensuring that the whole volume of content was localized within budget.
  3. Scalability: WordsOnline enabled Jonckers to provide fast translation of content, ensuring speed and flexibility for Amazon.
  4. Communication: Jonckers communicated  directly with Amazon and indirectly through the intelligent WordsOnline, dashboards. Both communications models ensuring a constant smooth and seamless localization.

The Solution

To overcome the challenges posed by the high volume of translations required, Jonckers turned to their in-house AI translation platform, WordsOnline.

This platform allows them to manage large translation projects with short delivery times by using a large community of linguists. The global linguistic community can log into WordsOnline secure cloud to do MTPE. WordsOnline allows Jonckers to monitor progress and quality based on live data, and make fast decisions.

WordsOnline also allows Language Analytists to provide linguistic real-time training to improve the quality output, while the project is still ongoing.

Additionally, Jonckers can dynamically adjust the pool of linguists working on a project based to meet deadlines.

The Result

The implementation of WordsOnline helped Jonckers and Amazon to overcome the challenges of managing high volume translation projects.

With WordsOnline, Jonckers was able to manage a large pool of linguists, monitor progress and quality based on live data, and make fast decisions.

As a result, Amazon experienced a huge improvement in turnaround times, while Jonckers improved its efficiency by semi-automating the management of these huge projects.

This implementation greatly helped to build their reputation and trust with Amazon.

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“WordsOnline was created exactly for this type of content, to support clients like Amazon to translate millions of words quickly and at the right quality level. It’s been a pleasure to work and learn from Amazon’s needs and create a platform that has become the go to solution for eCommerce localization.”

– Chiara Raimondo, Chief Customer Success at Jonckers

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