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Geo Janssens: A Passionate Team-builder

Geo Janssens

All successful organizations and businesses need effective leadership. Geo Janssens’s appointment as CEO of JONCKERS in 2016 has delivered a clarity-of-vision to JONCKERS strategy that has ushered in a period of innovative product development and sustainable growth. After spending some time with JONCKERS CEO and his management team, we agree that provides highly innovative and effective solutions to companies that need to localize and deliver content on a global scale.

“My primary aim is to make JONCKERS undoubtedly the key company to work for in global market delivery by providing cutting edge solutions to the world’s leading organizations. In that way we will attract ambitious, optimistic people who can help us change the way our customers see global market opportunity,”

said Janssens, by way of an introduction

As a veteran in the localization industry, Geo spent the last 14 years with Jonckers. Through the occupation of various leadership positions he helped shape Jonckers to become a company of vision and aspiration. During the years as the COO, Janssens saw the opportunity to dramatically rethink the way technology and services can drive clients’ global content. As a key executive member, Janssens’ lead the teams across the globe to drive the technology development initiatives, and supported the application of these technology innovation to products and services.

While acknowledging the trend and power of technology, Geo never forgets the people behind it, and the people the technology eventually services. After being named the CEO, Geo first job is to travel to the door of each premium client, showing he is the CEO that leads, listens, and cares. Geo’s deep faith in people also reflects in his trust and respect of Jonckers employee, resulting the teams with the morale highest than ever, and move like one.

JONCKERS: The Leader in Localization Technology

The localization technology industry has historically focused on two ways to improve translation – making individual translators more effective and making the process of translation more efficient.

JONCKERS continues to innovate in this area, and efforts in driving intelligent process automation and leveraging linguistic assets effectively represents around 50% of the development effort. We took a look at the development team in action. Key areas of innovation are related to understanding the content ecosystem, and delivering a closed-loop experience for customers in the most effective and efficient ways possible. In our opinion, this will extend JONCKERS leadership as a provider of translation solutions.

The other 50% of development is innovation in delivering on the value of global market information. This is something few, if any, other organizations are currently looking at and we believe clearly demonstrates the innovation that permeates the JONCKERS team. R&D efforts in this area have been ongoing for around two years and continue as a furious pace. Through the process of translation JONCKERSview – JONCKERS Globalization Information System – collects a vast amount of important metadata. JONCKERSview also gathers information from other translation management systems, content management systems, CRM and ERP. The system captures extensive data related to getting to market– and that data is then re-imagined and visualized through interactive charts that help management make the appropriate decisions.

“Of course, many of our customers start with the translation management and build to the intelligence from there. Effective translation management is about understanding the global content ecosystem then ensuring that regardless of where the content comes from we can bring it in, translate it and put it back again faster than anyone else, and still deliver the top quality.”

Geo Janssens

JONCKERS’s US and Vietnamese development teams are hard at work now on release 3.0 of JONCKERSview which will build out the capabilities of both the process management and collaboration engines for translation and the comparative analytics engine for the global market dashboard.

JONCKERS Uniqueness

With a number of operating centers across the globe, a range of technologies and services and some great partnerships, JONCKERS is able to provide a complete solution from low cost, high volume business utilizing real time translation engines and offshore production centers to high end video localization and production using movie grade studios and production facilities in Los Angeles and New York.

Future Panorama

JONCKERS team is experiencing rapid growth and Geoffroy believes that JONCKERS will continue to grow ahead of the sector. Geo says, “as we do, it will be important that we continue to review how we work, to stay imaginative, aggressive and optimistic in trying out new ideas. Our business is complex – our customers deliver products to global markets and rely on us to deliver inside that process. They rightly expect us to innovate in order to keep them ahead of their competition. Getting them to market faster and more cost effectively demands innovation. By looking at all aspects of our business and by creating and embracing new ways of working creates the momentum to develop great solutions for our clients as well as new experience and challenges for the team.”

Source : http://www.insightssuccess.com/geo-janssens-a-passionate-team-builder/


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