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Jonckers Customer Journey – The Basics

For over 20 years Jonckers have been refining a service provision for our clients that enables both parties to not only work in complete harmony with each other but be able to monitor the progress of each individual project every step of the way. From our beginnings in 1994 the Jonckers customer experience was managed by our Business Managers and Account Managers, today we still employ that strategy, guaranteeing a continual personal service, only now, we couple this service with customized online platforms, allowing our clients to monitor their work and results.

We always have and always will develop new and innovative ways of ensuring complete customer satisfaction and whilst trial and error has been a part of our evolution, our honesty and quality remains at the forefront of what we deliver. To illustrate the basics of our customer journey model, please View-Like-Share our latest Basics Infographic.


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