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JONCKERS Named As Leader in Technology

JONCKERS Named As Leader in Technology

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 11, 2016 – JONCKERS, the world’s foremost global communications company, has been awarded top-20 fastest growing software company by Silicon Review magazine

Companies rely on JONCKERS to fully manage their translation and localization requirements. JONCKERS cloud-based Globalization Information System, and its supporting services deliver faster time to market, reduce costs, and allows for more effective coverage of target markets.

In their analysis of JONCKERS Globalization Information System, the panel of CEOs, analysts and industry experts said “JONCKERS have developed a technology platform unlike any other, delivering actionable business information at the same time as empowering the translation process itself”, and concluded “No other company has the ability to do this”.

The award adds to the crowded JONCKERS trophy case. Most recently, JONCKERS made the list in the top-25 most promising outsourced testing companies and won two customer service awards for technology and innovation in localization.

“JONCKERS portfolio of technology, and translation services that underpin them, change the way our customers approach the preparation and delivery of content for global markets.” said JONCKERS CEO Peter Smith, “It is rewarding to see we are respected as an innovator in our industry”.


JONCKERS is the world’s foremost global communications company. Our award winning technology and service provides solutions for global adaptation across linguistic and cultural boundaries. Learn how JONCKERS can help you reach customers everywhere. Visit WordsOnline.


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