Customer service retention champion

How important is good global Customer Service?

Turn your Global Customer Service department into a customer retention champion!

With the advent of a connected world, brands were able to reach a larger audience and enlarge their markets, but at the same time, people had the opportunity to start looking farther away from their borders, and now have several different companies to select from to provide them what they need. This increase in competition has improved the game level, and customers now expect to have a great service from start to finish, from getting to know your brand to after-sales support.

As expectations are hard to predict, Customer Service has the challenging task of filling in the expectation gaps and keeping your customers happy, regardless of where they are and who they are.

There are several different strategies and ways to address this issue, but to improve and upgrade your Customer Service, changing it from a simple tool used to avoid the worst-case scenario into a customer retention machine, you need to consider a few key points.

Have a dedicated manager

“A customer is 4 times more likely to buys from a competitor if the problem is service related vs. price or product related”

Often neglected, especially when your Customer Service operation is small, this is an important point that goes beyond to having someone to manage the team and metrics; it is to have someone dedicated to understanding how opportunities can be leveraged to achieve the best outcome possible.

Your man in the trenches can quickly defuse any bombs in the wait and coordinate counterattacks that your customers are not expecting, turning that angry customer into a happy and recurrent one, sometimes, by simply stepping in and listening to any complain or request. Customers feel safer when someone with higher authority is overlooking their requests, improving the retention rate, and your employees also feel more confident to know there is someone to direct them in the right direction.

Have a clear branding strategy

“55% of customers find having consistency across channels the most important thing in Customer Service.”

Branding strategy is mostly planned and executed by your marketing and production departments, but Customer Service is how your customers perceive your company after your solution is purchased. To help increasing retention, your branding strategy must be clear, otherwise your Customer Service is unable to keep your image in the way it was first presented and may be too formal and impersonal or even sound robotic in their support, improving the chance of your customer go over to the competition.

Include Customer Service in your customer journey​

“86% of buyers will pay more to have a better customer experience, but only 1% feel that this is met by vendors.”

Most customer journeys end after they leave your site or store, but Customer Service can also be part of it, and actively reach out to customers who abandoned carts or who are not yet sure if your brand is the best fit for them.

When companies adopt this approach, some opt for choosing automated messages or templates as a follow-up, but for your company to have business edge over your competitors using automated services and increase retention, having something tailored for a given audience is paramount.

The elephant in the room

“Out of the 3,200 people interviewed, 46% expect companies to reply to emails faster than 4 hours and 90% view an instant response, of 15 minutes on average, as either crucial or very important.”

To avoid an exponential increase in costs created by having in-country Customer Service offices, companies rely on language service providers to translate all messages exchanged with customers, but this ends up creating a myriad of issues such as finding a company able to comply to data protection regulations while also having a fast turnaround time, keeping your branding strategy in mind when translating and delivering a superb Customer Service for your company as a client.

We can help you achieve all the above with a price tailored to your needs and budget.

Jonckers takes all the points mentioned in this article seriously:

  • All localization requests are overseen by a dedicated and native quality manager
  • Our online platform allows us to leverage our expert linguists pool and deliver small requests as soon as a few hours after it was made available
  • Our company complies with all data protection regulations from [ADD COUNTRIES/CONTINENTS HERE]
  • Your company has the support of all the people you need to receive exactly what you need, and in case of rare problems, to solve it in a fast and adequate manner

Reach out now at to request a quote, and see how we can help you making your Global Customer Service a champion in customer retention!

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