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WordsOnline’s Translation Subscription Explained

WordsOnline’s Translation Subscription Explained

WordsOnline’s Translation Subscription Explained

With WordsOnline, you can help your business go global faster – communicate in your customer’s native language to increase online sales, enter new markets, and strengthen your brand internationally. With our unique subscription model, you gain access to a structured, secure, and continuous delivery of high-quality translations. Competitively priced from global translations, our AI-powered and world-leading language platform has a turnaround five times faster than other services.

Here’s how our subscription service works.

Select and Purchase Your Subscription

WordsOnline offers three different subscription packages: starter, pro, and enterprise. The different subscription levels accommodate for varying budgets and are scalable to include any volume of words, starting at 13,000 words per month and 50,000 machine-translated words per month with our starter subscription level. As your business grows, we can adjust to your requirements.

You can subscribe on a monthly or yearly basis and upload an unlimited number of projects and files. The discounted credits on your account allow you to order translations of any type and it includes free machine translation credits. In peak times, you can top up your credits whenever needed. We ensure complete transparency with online dashboards which give you relevant business insights such as project progress, resource productivity, quality, and much more at all times.

Our subscriptions are priced at €999 for our starter subscription and €1,999 for our pro package. If you sign up and pay for a one-year subscription to either of these packages, you will receive a month for free.

With our enterprise package, you can design a personalised translation subscription. You can find out more about our subscription packages and view our pricing options onour WordsOnline website here.

If you have ad-hoc translation needs, with WordsOnline you can also order instant translations with our pay-as-you-go option. With Order Now, you will pay for each translation at a rate of €0.08 per word. No matter your translation needs, with our variety of pricing options, WordsOnline has the right solution.

Add Personalised Features and Premium Services

With both our subscription model and pay-as-you-go options, you can personalise your account with extra features and premium services. You can ensure the security of your translations by adding copy and paste prevention or even adding a dedicated project manager to your account. We can also set up your workflows so you can receive your translations right within your own system, or you can sign up for WordsOnline API connectivity if you want to connect your system to a fully integrated solution.

Upload Your File with Peace of Mind

WordsOnline makes it easy for you to put your content needs first. Once your account is created, you can upload your translations, relax, and repeat. Our continuous self-learning neural machine translation network automatically scans and downloads any file type and prepares your file for AI translation. Then our linguist community conducts post-edits before your file is quality auto-extracted for revision and file generation and automatically delivered upon completion. It’s as easy as that!


What products do you offer?

We offer two main subscription models – the starter subscription and the pro subscription. If either of these subscriptions are not the right fit, we also offer our custom enterprise subscription.

How much does it cost?

Our starter subscription is €999 a month and our pro option is €1,999 a month. Both options include one free month if you sign up and pay for an annual subscription.

How many words are included?

Our starter package includes 13,000 words per month and 50,000 machine-translated words. If you require a larger volume, our pro subscription includes 27,000 words per month and 100,000 machine-translated words. For translated words, this includes all available languages and for machine-translated words, this includes all available language pairs.

With both packages, you can upload an unlimited number of projects and files once you have made an account.

How many members of my team can use the subscription?

With our starter subscription, you get five users. Our pro package offers access for 10 users.

How can I personalise my subscription?

With both subscription options, you can add a number of personalised options. These include custom language pairs, personalised file import settings, the ability to set up sub-accounts, customised machine translation, and control over user permissions.

You can also employ translation memory, where your previous translations are saved and stored to be reused when a text segment appears in a new project, and the ability to provide a list of preferred terminology to be used or avoided to ensure consistency and alignment.

What premium services do you offer?

You can take your translations to the next level with our premium services. On offer is an AI-quality predictor after the application of machine technology into your workflow to reduce cost, as well as custom translation workflows, advanced analytics, and access to our private, dedicated community of translation experts. We can also integrate WordsOnline into your workflow so you can receive translations within your own system or you can sign up for WordsOnline API Connectivity if you want to connect your system to a fully integrated solution.

Plus, we can bolster the security of your translations by preventing the copying and pasting of text.

How else can I tailor my package?

Our custom enterprise subscription option means you can design the right translation package for your needs! Our custom packages include a variety of features such as an unlimited number of users and unlimited number of projects and files. Other features included are instant online quoting, language pairing for 60 languages, standard file formats, our AI-quality checker, and access to our tested translation community. Our custom packages can include any of our personalisation options or premium services. Book a call to discuss your options here.

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