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Where Marketing Meets Translation and Localization

Where Marketing Meets Translation and Localization

Jonckers’ latest case study delves deep into the intricacies of how we translate and localize content for a global marketing agency and it’s impressive!







Marketers worldwide know the challenges involved in taking one product and making it marketable in numerous countries.

To start with, there is the challenge of having to work within a limited budget. Marketing has long been seen as a flexible expense, with the marketing budget being the first thing to go when times are tough and profits are down. Many companies are still suffering from the fallout caused by the coronavirus pandemic, when marketing budgets were cut by their highest levels in 20 years. Marketers must stretch their limited budgets across all collateral, in all languages too. 

Marketers worldwide know the challenges

Another challenge, and perhaps the biggest bugbear of marketers around the world, is the tight deadline that comes with launching a new product. Once the launch date has been set, it’s a race to the finish line to get everything ready on time: from the product itself, to the promotional material, to the supply chain – and that’s just to launch in one country. What happens when you’re launching a product, but you need it available in tens or hundreds of countries? Each aspect of the launch must be carefully translated and adapted to all the local markets the product is set to launch in. Adding to the time pressure are the late approvals and last-minute changes that so often accompany global launches. Additional security challenges are presented when the release of a new product is highly anticipated, and consumers want to know about the product before it’s launched. To avoid hackers gaining access to the confidential information surrounding the launch and leaking this information to the public, any and all sharing of the information must be completely secure, with no possibility of unwanted access. 

Marketers must also balance

Take, for example, Apple’s strategy. Apple as a company is famed for its secrecy – the lack of information surrounding upcoming releases in fact adds to the hype surrounding its new products, meaning any leaks of information would be extremely detrimental to the entire marketing campaign. 

For its most recent launch event, Apple gave only 7 days’ notice – announcing the event on September 7 with the event taking place on September 14.  Even how Apple keeps its secrets is a secret; there are rumors that employees are not allowed to discuss their work with employees in different departments, that all prototype products are tracked by a system called iTrack, and that a corporate security team “looking over your shoulder at all times”. Despite Apple’s best efforts, leaks still appeared in the run up to the new iPhone 13. Information circulated regarding screen size, design, camera functionality, phone specifications, and cost.   With companies as secure as Apple at risk, how then can marketers ensure security when sharing the necessary materials for a product launch with an external translation company? 

Apple’s strategy

Jonckers has had to contend with all of these challenges, and more, and we’ve come up with innovative workflows and processes to ensure that our translations are delivered on time and at low cost, while adhering to the strictest security standards. Our dedication to complete and utter confidentiality is demonstrated in the fact that we have equipped three of Jonckers’ offices with highly confidential rooms that have controlled access and are monitored 24/7 by CCTV cameras. This means the only people who can enter these rooms have passed the required certification and obtain their own special access card.  Translating and localizing entire marketing campaigns can seem like a mountain too big to climb, but Jonckers is ready and willing to rise to the challenge. 

Read about how we manage large-scale marketing translations here: Marketing Agency Translation – Jonckers. 

The final challenge for marketers is constant budget spend approval.

The WordsOnline translation subscription model offers marketers flexible translations at scale and without hurdles, turning the annual marketing localization budget planning from a dreaded task into an enjoyable process. Your content can be fluidly created and translated, without approval hurdles, budgeting, or other management issues to interrupt the smooth flow of content creation, localization and continuous publishing. Enabling you to go global faster, within budget and with reduced admin! 

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About Jonckers and WordsOnline:

  • Jonckers was established in 1994 as a privately owned language services provider.
  • In 2015 the company developed a cloud-based AI platform called WordsOnline, created to reduce cost and translate big volumes, within a small timeframe.
  • Jonckers has a curated, trained and managed multilingual community that can scale in size, domain knowledge and skills. It deploys these resources to support companies that are going global or require multilingual expertise in developing AI solutions or data processing/analytics.

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