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Meet The Team – WordsOnline Language Community Manager

Meet The Team – WordsOnline Language Community Manager

Véronique Huyghebaert – WordsOnline Language Community Manager
… and Jonckers Employee for 25 years!!

Véronique Huyghebaert

Congratulations Veronique! Can you remember joining Jonckers? What encouraged you to join?

I joined Jonckers as an intern. I had just finished my translation studies and wanted to start with a first hands-on experience in the translation industry. Marc Jonckers had just started his business the previous year and was starting to get more and more business, so he needed help. I joined as a translator/revisor. Our customers were mainly local Belgian customers. After my internship and a short experience in another company, I came back as a full-time employee in April 1995. I also worked as a Project Manager, DTP’er, secretary, sales assistant, …

Can you describe your current role and objectives?

Can you describe your current role and objectives?

I am currently heading the WordsOnline Language Team, reporting to Mel (Melissa Kane). I am in charge of the WordsOnline silos with the management of the Community Managers, training and coaching the WordsOnline linguists and the on-boarding of the accounts to our innovative platform. We have the objective of successfully onboarding 80% of the Jonckers accounts in WordsOnline by June.

Who do you work with most frequently?

I work with the rest of Mel’s team members (Anna, Nick, Sabina), but also heavily with the Program Managers on the onboarding of their customers in WordsOnline, and with Jack’s team for the development of WordsOnline.

How has the company evolved in the last 25 years?

The company followed the translation market (r)evolution, from the beginning of localization in the late 90’s with our first large projects for IT major actors, which led to Jonckers merging with Crossgap and Locatech and opening companies in several countries, expanding our staff and our Worldwide presence. The company developed and grew, went through good as well as bad times, and in the last few years chose to focus on innovation with the development of our own online MTPE platform and the concept of linguists communities. This is a brand new approach to translation which I am sure will help us conquer different markets, increase the volumes we absorb and make us more scalable.

Which significant milestones and changes have impacted your role?

The main reason why I stayed with Jonckers for so long is probably because I changed roles many times and never got bored… I started with production (translator, reviser, Project Manager) which led me to management positions (Operations Manager, Procurement Manager, Director of Language Services). I also had the opportunity to work on the new accounts on-boarding in the Business Excellence department, and started the Business Control role. These various positions helped me understanding all the aspects of the company. In the last few months I led the implementation of the silo approach in WordsOnline, from a linguistic and quality point of view, which is extremely interesting and promising.

What are you most excited about seeing in 2020?

What are you most excited about seeing in 2020?

I am expecting 2020 to be the year of WordsOnline, with the focus on Machine Translation engines improvement, refining our MT post-editing processes through the analysis of the WordsOnline data, and further improving the WordsOnline interface and features.

After working in several self-supporting positions, I realize how important and rich it is to work in a team and also how much faster we succeed as a team.

What makes you go to work with a smile?

My passion for languages and translation, the diversity of the role, projects and challenges which means not one day is the same as the previous or the next one, the travelling opportunities (OK, in normal circumstances, …) and definitely working with smart, kind and hardworking colleagues who have helped me so much over my career.


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